Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look who has the Peanut!

I'll have a post up later but here is a little preview for you...


My mom, Peanut & I had a little outing today and met a very special family. I'd been looking forward to this for so long!

I'm too tired to write now but I will say this... yes, they are all as wonderful as you would expect!


  1. How fun! I was just on her blog. Then I typed in your blog...and saw this. :) I bet she was tickled to death to get her hands on him!
    I know you had a great time.

  2. Eeeeeeeek!!!!! Lucky lucky lucky!

  3. Two of my favorite people's just TOO MUCH! I can't believe Sash is holding peanut. NOT FAIR;)

  4. ahh so sweet!!! he looks content to be out and about!! hope you are doing well!

  5. It only gets better. And better.

    And better!!

  6. Adorable! ...Is it sad that I know exactly where that photo was taken? It's by my favorite place in the WHOLE WORLD! :)

    He looks like such a mellow kid.

    <3 you guys!

  7. Seriously Courtney- You barely see any of the surroundings in that picture?!

    You're a freak but I love you anyway.

  8. I LOVE THIS!!! I was actually just putting my stamp on all my photos and getting ready to post a vacation post, when I thought I'd click over to my faves while I waited for my computer... it was SO MUCH FUN to see you... I think I drove my family nuts the entire rest of the day, talking about it. LOL I loved holding that baby. It seriously could not have been a more perfect ending to a fun vacation. Makes me want to come back, and your mama was so sweet! As we exited that little court, she put her arm around me and said, "And now you have a place to stay the next time you come!" Oh my word. Love her. You are so precious... I could gush all night!!! Love you sweetie pie!

  9. Oh, and Um.... we look really good with a baby in between us! Bwahahahahaha!

  10. So I would like to think that you will now come and make all the rounds so that we can ALL hold Peanut for a bit.

    It's only fair you know. So that the rest of us aren't insanely jealous.


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