Sunday, November 7, 2010

We fell in love a week ago


I can't believe it's been a week. Time seems to be flying by at moments like the one above and slowing to a near stop when I'm watching the clock at 3 am.

I try to memorize the feeling of his little body curled up on mine. I try to breathe in the scent of him. Thank you for reminding me to appreciate every moment.

This was just after his first sponge bath. He looks so content.


Most of it was spent screaming. Oh the cold and the wet and the nakedness! He doesn't mind the water, it'll be interesting to see how he feels about his first real bath.

Lots of new experiences for little Peanut!


With all the mistakes being made by these new parents around here, it's a good thing kids are so resilient!

Like when I went to feed him last night and forgot to screw down the bottle top all the way. Poor kid looked a little shocked when the milk hit his face. So we wasted an ounce of breast milk, had to change his clothes again but got a good laugh. In the end all Peanut cared about was his food. He didn't cry he just kept searching like a little baby bird.

There is a reason God blessed us with limited memory of early childhood.


  1. Peanut looks so content!!! He is precious!!! luvuallbye

  2. I miss that so much, the way the are just so content to sleep on your chest. So sweet! Blessings!

  3. I can't believe that Peanut looks so much like B. My son came out looking like his dad and 16 yrs. later, he still does:)

    You are right, it flies by and you need to enjoy it but don't beat yourself up over the boo boos you do. He won't remember. I promise.

  4. he is decidely precious...been fun reading and reliving those memories in my mind when my babies were babies. So true, enjoy every moment.

  5. Oh...he looks SO sweet. The first week is the hardest, by far. I'm sure you guys are doing an awesome job. All that he needs is to be loved.
    My kids all loved the bath. It's the getting out part that they seem to hate.

  6. Could he be any sweeter? Don't worry about the mistakes...we all made them.

  7. He's a B, Jr.! =) He is absolutely precious. I still get Z to lie on top of me like that and she obliges. :) I so miss how little they were... they really grow up way too fast. So yes, do cherish each and every moment with Peanut. :)

  8. He's getting big already! In fact, I remember doing that with the milk with my own little one. I felt like I almost drowned her. They are resilient. Peanut is so very precious.

  9. Oh! Sweet! I can almost smell the new baby smell 1800 miles away!

  10. He is absolutely perfect! He has a beautiful mouth!!! I am glad to hear you are cherishing every moment. They are all so special! I am impressed you have time to blog but so happy to see photos of this sweet little guy. Take Care!


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