Saturday, November 20, 2010

What day is it?


It seems I never really know what day it is anymore. That's because I'm doing important things like watching my baby sleep and checking to make sure he is still breathing. I'm just kidding, this kid makes constant noise while he sleeps.

When he stops making noise... then I check him. That only happens like once a night. Heh.


This photo makes me laugh because it really shows the difference between moms and dads. When it's cold I get up and grab a baby size blanket to wrap him in.

B takes the full size blanket that was on the back of the couch and wraps it around Peanut several times turning him into a sort of giant football. Love it.


Today I went to my parent's house, handed off the baby and got the best 2 hours of sleep ever. I think it's the first time I've slept that deeply since he was born.

When I got home I turned on the TV and saw Ree doing a throwdown with Bobby Flay! I haven't been on her blog in sooo long I didn't even know she did that episode. I'm always amazed at how things turned out for Ree and what a little blogging led to.

She clearly didn't have award-winning posts like these :) Tomorrow we meet up with some friends for brunch in LA and drop the baby off for a special date at Harry Potter.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Those are the best kind of naps!! Peanut is growing, I can see some chub to his cheeks, presh! Don't you just love those swaddlers? I bought a few more the other day, they are awesome! Have a great weekend. We're going to try to take family pics for Christmas cards. Wish us luck...

  2. Gosh he is so sweet! He is so lucky to have you and the hubs for a Mommy and Daddy. I've been trying to play catch up on some things for school and for my Tastefully Simple business. Tomorrow: It's time to tackle the kitchen cabinets... again...

  3. Love Peanut in the big and little swaddling blankets. So happy you had a good rest! Enjoy your date! luvuallbye

  4. I'm so glad you got the chance for a quality nap... priceless during this time (as you're finding out!). I had fun backtracking and catching up a little bit with you and B and Peanut. Peanut is precious and adorable in all of his swaddlers - big and small :) Give him a li'l baby kiss from me! Enjoy your fun time out today. We are installing an over-the-range microwave and a cabinet (fun times). -Tammy

  5. I never know what day it is anymore.
    Glad you were able to get some rest! Do you think I can drop mine off too??? :-D

  6. I love that B doesn't know to get the baby blanket. THAT is such a man and you will find out even when peanut gets older, it will still be that way. They are wired different!

    He's a cutie btw!

  7. Girl, I spy a tiny Christmas tree in the photo!!!!! I see it!!! It's there! :) I love you for having a little Christmas tree out... LOVE IT!

  8. I celebrated my 30th Birthday on Saturday night with good friends. Then I spent all day in bed yesterday recovering :/
    But I am well rested to be at work today for my real

  9. I still check on Lexie to see if she's breathing. I've woken her up once or twice - she sleeps so deeply! (Jealous.)

  10. Aww, congrats. Nap time is the best time...

  11. Yay! Glad you're getting some rest and a much needed date with your hubby. I just saw Harry Potter too. It was soooo good.

  12. So precious! What a blessing that you were able to take that nap!


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