Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sleeping In


These last few weeks we've had a taste of fall. There have been misty mornings and rainy days. It's the perfect weather for sleeping in. On days I don't have to be at the doctor's office in the morning, B and I have been soaking up the quiet.

Despite the fact that I wake every hour, grunt as I roll to the edge of the bed and then waddle to the restroom, it's wonderful to be able to get right back into bed and cuddle up for another hour. We get a little giddy about it all. We can wake and chat a bit and then just cuddle up and drift off to sleep again.

It's that much easier when the sun isn't shining thru the window. Instead we wake to the sound of the waterfall outside our window. Even when there is just a heavy fog we get the sound of the trickling because of the way the water is funneled to the corner by our bedroom.

Most of all, we are trying to take this time and really appreciate the quiet of the mornings. I can't quite wrap my mind around the way life is about to change. I can appreciate the time that B & I have with just the two of us. These days of uninterrupted cuddles and conversations are numbered. These days of sleeping in, or shall I say these days of sleeping are something to be cherished :)

Lazy Bones

P.S. At the check up on Thursday everything looked great and Peanut was measuring around 6 lbs 15 oz. I was only dilated 1 cm but we'll see how things progress this week. I've been feeling a bit crampy and the braxton hicks are increasing. Any guesses on when he'll make his appearance?


  1. So glad to see you are resting. I think it's going to be today!

  2. Thursday ... 3:39 PM
    6 pounds 8 oz.

    (FYI ... I'm never good at these things!!)

    Thinking of you!

  3. I will say, after my son was born, I did get woken up a lot obviously but the sleep in between was much sweeter than the last days of pregnancy so it felt like I was finally getting some rest. And waking up to a sweet little baby was a wonderful thing to wake up to...

    I say you will go into labor on your due date!

  4. Next Saturday...just guessin'! Cool picture. We've got the dreary fog going here today too. Enjoy your peace and quiet. It will all change, but you'll love your new life too:)

  5. I think that it will be soon. I don't think that you will go way over your due date and you are more sleep! Not just no more sleeping in:)

  6. The best part about your first baby is that you can still stay in bed all day. Just with a newborn. After you have the next one, then you really loose out on sleep.
    Enjoy your last few days of being just the 2 of you!
    Your life is going to take an amazing turn.
    I'm thinking Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday.
    Keep us posted :-)

  7. All Saint's Day- Nov. 1. Of course! Any child of yours is bound to be quite saintly. ;)

  8. So exciting! I slept with my first whenever she did. And there is some strange "first few weeks adrenaline" thing that keeps you going in spite of the new sleep patterns.
    Anyway, rest up! This is a special time, indeed. :)

  9. Enjoy it while you can!

    I'm thinking it won't be long now..How exciting!

  10. Gotta love sleeping in on a rainy day! Despite the potty breaks. No amount of newborn induced sleep deprivation compares to the being largely pregnant and taking a million potty breaks a night. Really, no comparison. I'm ready to be unpregnant.

  11. Ha! Probably the week I want to SEE you! :)

  12. Hello...are you there? It's now Monday (well, actually already Tuesday here!) and still no post? Is Peanut making his appearance?

    SO excited for you! All the best with the delivery. {hugs}

  13. Well, I've been thinking about it, and what I'm thinking is that he'll be born on Halloween. It's QUITE a possibility, don'tcha think?


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