Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Christmas Party Baking Time!

Who knows how to photoshop off yesterdays make-up and put some fresh stuff on?

I'm devoting this week to visiting with friends and baking my heart out before the Peanut pops out and cramps my style.

My mom is making space in her freezer for the baked goods and I'm marking off my list of cookies to make before the annual Christmas party on the 12th. If you're in the area feel free to stop by- it's an open house!

Yesterday I marked 3 recipes off of my list:


I made Brandy Balls using the same recipe as last years Rum Balls. We didn't have rum and I'm a fan of brandy. I just rolled these in raw sugar and non-pareils. I think the color will be nice on the display for the party.

Also, I used more like 1/3 cup of brandy instead of 1/4 cup. I feel I need to over-compensate for the lack of liquor consumption over the last 9 months. Besides, a few years ago I accidently doubled the alcohol and although you could smell the rum as you walked by every single one was eaten.


I made these Revel Bars (printable recipe here) which are a classic.


AND I made a new recipe that I'll be sharing with you very soon.

What I'm really wondering are what desserts you make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always make the same basics but to keep from getting bored I try a few new recipes for the spread every year. I open to suggestions!

P.S. We are officially in the single digits.


  1. Wow! Those all look so wonderful. I'm amazed you have the energy to do all this. I always make gingerbread bears for Christmas. 9 more days!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

  2. At Thanksgiving, my mom (and I, if I host) makes the favorite pie of every guest....yes, EVERY ONE---she just thinks everyone should have their favorite pie on Thanksgiving. We have been known to have up to 9 different pies on that day---it's crazy, BUT memorable. Some examples are: Chocolate (the BEST EVAH), Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Pecan (of course), and Cracker---one of my favorites! It's not the "Ritz" mock apple, but made with Saltines---unique and wonderful.....simple, too.
    At Christmas my mom always has an open house, too. I can't even tell you the number of cookies she makes. I always make Mexican Wedding cookies---my favorite Christmas cookie, Raspberry Thumbprint Shortbread cookies, peanut brittle, fudge among others. OK, can you tell I'm passionate about sugar? I can't believe you're so close to delivery! Praying for a safe and easy delivery for this miracle blessing!

  3. Oh yum. And look at you! You can barely get close enough to the counter!

  4. Just so ya know...I want birth details. Keep that in mind;)

    I try not to bake much because I am a sugarholic. But we do usually have sugar cookies and those peanut butter with hersey kiss creations:)

  5. Look at that cute belly under that apron! I'm plumb ready to be done, stick a fork in me and then pass the revel bars.

    I always make cheesecake of some form every Christmas/Thanksgiving. Family usually requests it. This year we'll see, there are so many good recipes floating around. I found one for homemade pumpkin pie poptarts the other day that looked oh-so-good.

  6. I haven't even thought of our holiday baking yet....

    The countdown is on...

  7. Yay for brandy balls! I'm so not even there yet; I think Thanksgiving & Christmas will be tiny this year, nothing too crazy or cookie-fied unless I manage to get it together and have a cookie exchange. I am, however, terrified of throwing a bad party so that's probably going to get put off forever and ever amen. Or at least until I have a bigger house!

    9 DAYS!

  8. If you are starting now I can't even IMAGINE this cookie extravaganza!!! YUM!

  9. I love the cooking picture, apron and belly. So perfect. What amazing cookies and you can freeze them for that long, I had no idea. I can just see you in a few months with some type of baby bijorn, or sling on and still baking for the holidays. This little peanut is just going to get right there with you. :)

  10. I can't wait for fudge and monster cookies. You look darling in that apron! I keep waiting for the text message from B, telling me that you were in the grocery store and you water broke all over the produce section or something. Bwahahahaha! (Just kidding... that doesn't happen very often.) You could take vigorous walks and eat spicy foods and get this thing going you know!!


  11. Vigorous walks, check.

    Spicy foods, check!

  12. What a darling apron, and you look so cute in it:)

  13. Yummy! Those picture's are making my mouth water and now I want to be ready to start my baking.

  14. OMG you made Buried Cherry Cookies!! I LOVE those!

    You look so cute in your apron!

    Last year I made the chocolate candy cane cookies in Pioneer woman's cookbook. THey are a new favorite for Christmas. :o)

  15. You look so cute! Forget the baking, you look adorable in the apron with little peanut sticking out. And, I love your hair.


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