Friday, October 15, 2010

I may just gain weight postpartum...


because I have a long list of things I want to eat. At this moment I'm fantasizing about the chocolate motherlode cake from Claim Jumper. And a cheeseburger. And jellied cranberry sauce from the can. And stuffing. And a See's candy rum nougat.

A couple of you have asked about how he gestational diabetes is going and I thought these pictures that B took were great. It's become second nature to do my finger prick testing wherever I am. I'll admit that I basically re-worked my own diet.

I don't suggest that for everyone but I felt that I'm educated enough to work up a diet suitable to my needs. My college degree is actually a BS in Dietetics and Food Administration so I took a series of nutrition classes before I branched off into restaurant management. Anyway, my numbers have been superb and baby and I are doing great. More importantly he isn't going to be massive (as some gd babies are) so I won't be giving birth to a 10 lb infant. :)


Something about this picture makes me laugh, it's like the seedy underworld of blood glucose testing.

I've really settled into the diet but I'm still looking forward to being off of it. Just in time for the holidays! I'll try to maintain some control as I don't want to actually gain weight after I give birth. However, I must say that I'm still a pound under what I weighed at my heaviest so I am pretty darn happy about that. Gestational diabetes definitely had a perk.

Are you so sick of baby talk these days? I have some non-baby related posts coming up and next week I buckle down on the holiday baking. I bake and freeze for the family Christmas party on Dec. 12th. I know it sounds crazy but I've already knocked out the macaroons and I've compiled a list of must have's and to try's. Many of the recipes I use freeze well for up to 3 months.

Any cookie or bar recipes that you or your family can't live without?


  1. You look wonderful! I'm impressed that you are managing your diabetes so well. And you put me to shame with your holiday baking already! But I guess you may have quite a bit on your plate by the time I even begin thinking about that! : )

  2. I never tire to baby "stuff". Glad to see you are doing well with your diabetes. I always wondered what your degree was in, you probably said, but if so I some how missed that.
    Maroons! They are to die for. Now if you also have your shopping done, I'm really going to be jeolous!
    Did you see the pumpkin cream cookies on Tasty Kitchen's blog, you know Pioneer Woman's cooking blog? I'm gonna try them this weekend. that is after we get our new home on wheels home today.
    Have a great fall weekend!

  3. You look beautiful! I was just thinking about you the other day and thought, well at least she'll be off her diet for the holidays! Plus sign! AND you'll have a new baby to show off at the holidays too...Double plus sign!!!

    I also never tired of the baby stuff. Yay baby! :)

  4. all i can say is that i'm super proud of you. and seriously you don't even look pregnant in those pics. just gorgeous!!

  5. Never tire of your baby talk! : )

  6. Perfect! Just in time for the holidays. And remember, you need to consume an extra 500 calories a day if you breastfeed. :-D
    So there.
    Well, that's my excuse anyway.

  7. Sugar cookies are a must at my casa during Christmas time. They are my fav, oh and they are super fun for the kids to decorate. My kids love to help out in the kitchen. Ive gotten better at my issue of everything being done my way. Well kinda *wink*
    I never get tired of the baby talk, toddler talk , kid talk and teenage talk eek! It really never ends does it:)
    Oh and I voted you as the cutest baby bump of 2010!

  8. Baby talk? It's why I come over here. heehee... I haven't checked in on you and baby in forever, since my pc was down. I'm feeling a bit inspired to bake some cookies and freeze them for the Christmas party here this year. So thanks for that. Glad to hear you and baby are doing fine and managing the gd well.

  9. oh girl do I remember those days, it does become like second nature doesn't look fantastic and yes that is one perk having gestational diabetes, you don't gain hardly any weight! :) glad you and baby are doing so well, he is almost here!

  10. I love that you are taking your GD serious and have it controlled by diet and exercise rather than making things worse for you and Peanut.

    I hear you that your celebration after Peanut is born is that lovely 7 layer chocolate cake from Claim Jumper but just a slice right?

    Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Nope, never tired of baby talk!! You can talk about it anytime you like! :o)

    Pretty soon I'm trying out a recipe for caramel filled chocolate chip cookies....that may top the list of must-haves for our family! But until then, cranberry orange chews still remain our very very favorite!

  12. Never sick of baby talk!
    I was thinking as I read,"Man, it's a great thing Peanut is coming before Thanksgiving!" :) I'm so glad you will get to enjoy holiday food!
    Your commentary on the picture B took made me laugh. You have the perfect way of describing things. :)

  13. Just like your wedding, I could never get sick of baby talk. ;-) Looking forward to the holiday recipes and the joy you express when you're able to eat sweets again!


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