Monday, October 11, 2010

Rose Bowl Flea Market


A month ago B and I went to the Rose Bowl flea Market for the first time. We've been hearing about it forever and have never gone.

I knew it was huge but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We plan on going back when it's cool outside. It was insanely hot and I was too pregnant to walk around in that heat. Oh but it was incredible.


There are literally over 2500 vendors and somewhere between 15,000-25,000 shoppers during the one sunday a month it is open. It's been going on for over 40 years and is known as a shopping place for everyone from regular joe's like us to designers and celebrities.

The above picture is of Tori Spelling and her crew. She smiled as she walked by chatting, I was really focused on finding a bathroom and then thought.. hey maybe I should've taken a picture for the blog.

I hate taking pictures of celebrities.. it makes me squirmy so you only get her backside :) She's the one in the grey holding the frame.


I couldn't figure out a reason I needed to have this dress but isn't it adorable?!


I've never seen so much mid-century modern/ danish/ scandinavian decor in one place ever. I was in heaven and I really like that brown chair, and the grey ones but I'm not fond of the tables. Anyway, they are priced according to the popularity around here... which means not at all in my budget.


There are tons of really interesting shops to browse thru.


Some with really specific collections and some with just a hodge podge of treasures.


There are some serious book sellers and collectors in here. Looking for a specific 1st edition? I was really impressed by the knowledge of both the vendors and customers as I passed by their conversations.


A shop of all chandeliers in so many colors, shapes and sizes.


Love this school desk, the wood looked great and the red metal was the perfect accent.


Vintage kitchen things from aprons to pots and pans. If you love vintage kitchen things at very reasonable prices then you should stop by Tara's etsy shop.


So pretty, the way this shop was set-up was awesome.


Besides the fact that the tires were flat, it was a bit rusty inside, we have no room for it, it was surely too expensive and not at all child-friendly to today's standards.... I really feel that Peanut needs this car in his life.


I have never seen anything like this. I didn't see who the vendor was so I didn't gather any info but it was in incredible condition and it still had the tray attachment.

Gorgeous, no? Can you imagine me strolling around with that thing? I'd have to don the perfect outfit, heels, hat and gloves to accompany this thing. Perhaps it's good that I'm not filthy rich because God only knows the types of things we would collect!


  1. That flea market is on my bucket list...seriously too cool! thanks for sharing. Interesting tidbit...Tori Spelling and I have the exact same birthday. She was born into wealth and privelege in Beverly Hills, I was born in to a midwest middle class christian family. How weird is that?

  2. I must have that dress! 17 days Oh my goodness, so exciting. My friend and her hubby just found out they are having their first baby :) I told her about your blog and about the babystrology ticker. They are too cute not to share them with other expectant mommies. ;)

  3. Oh god... I'm obsessed... I look at all that furniture and all I can think is "BED BUGS". Gah. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

    That orange dress is soooo cute though! :)

  4. I think you should wear the orange dress while pushing that fantastic stroller!!

  5. I love vintage things, especially that dress! I really need for all of the stores to start carrying clothes in the aline cut instead of all these horrible empire waisted ugly things. I'd wear a lot more dresses if so!

  6. Dawn,

    Oh I have never been to the flea market the whole time I have lived here but just looking at some of the fabulous finds you pictured here, I am definitely going to add that to my must do.

    I too, love the vintage stuff like the dress, the desk and the car. Yet were the prices reasonable?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. What a place!
    I agree with Elle Bee. :)
    And that desk and chair (wood/red metal) is so are right. It's perfect!

  8. My mother in law saved her stroller from when her boys were babies. It looked just like that, but in much worse condition.

  9. I love that little desk, adorableness! I'm gonna need a few of those when schoolin' time rolls around. I had one when I was little.

  10. This flea market is incredible...I had so much fun when i went last time!! And that car, so cute, did you get anything my dear?


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