Saturday, October 23, 2010

Peanut's Room, Part One


Here is a before shot of this wall. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the room. At this point we were already starting to clear out the guest room/library/junk room.


We're technically all ready over here at Casa Clapping. My bag is packed, there is a checklist on the door (do we have the bag, cord blood banking kit, camera, etc) and we have the nursery done.

I wanted something modern and fun without being to baby-ish.


I found this bicycle at Ross and loved add little touches of things B and I like to the room.


I snuck in a fairy and I love this little mushroom house I received from a friend so many years ago. She brought it back from Lithuania and it looks adorable with a little candle light in it.


We bought this at Ikea and everything displayed has been given to us for Peanut.


The vase holding the lamp is actually a gurgle pot that I haven't had the chance to use as a pitcher yet. We had to include some pictures of our favorite pup aka my sister Gingerbread.


These vintage flash cards are from etsy. I had been checking them out and was bummed when they were immediately sold. Months later my mom surprised me with them! I tend to send her links to all the adorable things I find on the internet and she knew I would hesitate to get these.

I just love them and think they would be great displayed around a room. Who knows maybe in the next reincarnation of Peanut's space.


Who recognizes that snow tiger?


I like to switch out knobs to give the furniture a more unique look. I picked up this one at Anthropologie and thank goodness I only needed one because I really can't afford to buy more than one knob at a time there :)


The little owl on the left is from a salt and pepper shaker set. I just don't really use little salt and pepper shakers so I bought it to display as a single piece instead. They came from Pier 1 for less than $5.

On the right is a retro gravy boat. Don't ask me why I have a gravy boat on the shelf. I've picked up a few of these pieces at estate sales and have 4 matching plates that I love. The boat and the plate under it are one piece and I thought about putting a plant in it or storing something clever. Ideas?


This was the corner of the room. Notice the hideous apartment blinds that are still a part of every room in the house. We're not supposed to remove them but my mom convinced me to break all the rules.

There was once a table in that corner but my mom stole it and had my dad cut off the legs to make this kids table.


We took that corner and made it into a little rocking/reading nook. B & I really wanted room for both of us to sit in here at the same time. Since we removed the guest bed this seemed to work best for us. A double wide modern glider would be cool (if it existed and existed at a reasonable price) but I really like this set up.

Both chairs are from Ikea (one previously owned) as well as the throw blanket, the bicycle pillows on the left were made by me and the one of the right is from etsy.

More of the Peanut's room found here!


  1. Peanut's room looks just perfect... and you are one of the most "ready" moms-to-be that I know! Can't believe that it's only 5 more days to your due date. SO excited for you and B!

  2. Oh, everything is amazing! I love that it's not so "baby-ish"---that's a word, right? That wire bicycle---and those vintage flashcards--love! I'm thinking inexpensive IKEA frames and you have an automatic wall border---really, really sweet room!

  3. The room is gorgeous. You did a great job and I love that it is unique and has special touches that you added just for you.

    It is almost here.

  4. love!!! you will spend a good amount of time in this room so it is good that you made it into something you is perfect!

  5. Oh that is just beautiful. Peaceful and beautiful. Just what you will need when Peanut arrives....SOON.

  6. Adorable! Peanut better be careful that half of blog land doesn't end up living in his room!!

  7. So so cute!! Love that funky light over the storage thing. Oh and that metal bike you found at Ross is perfect. All it needs now is your little peanut:)

  8. You've put so many beautiful touches to Peanut's room. I love the vintage flair that you've used as well. This is definitely a room filled with memories and many more to come!

  9. Such a beautiful room. I love that you have so many meaningful pieces and it's not just "decorated." And such a great idea to have two chairs in there! It's such a comfy corner for the three of you:)

  10. CUTE! Love the reading nook, it's perfect!

  11. So, if you have any spare time, could you, um, decorate my room? Please? I'll even buy a coupla knobs from Anthro?!

    That room is GOOOOD. He'll love it :)

  12. I've been absent... tough week, but I'm LOVING this! Can't wait to see more.

  13. looks great, wow!! he will feel so loved here!

  14. Dang, lady, I love the befores and afters!!
    Anyhow, I really need to go to Ikea someday. When I have money.
    I've never been there before.... :P


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