Monday, October 18, 2010

Call me crazy but I'm going to miss this


First off, I cannot believe that I am 10 days away from my due date. It just doesn't seem possible. There are a million things running thru my mind right now. All these preparations and all this time and yet it seems the pregnancy has just flown by. I want to remember every moment of it. I still can't really imagine what life is going to be like when our Peanut is here in our arms.

I've been thinking of memories we shared ages ago. I've been thinking of the places we lived and random moments I remember. Just little things I haven't thought of in years. It seems so odd, like I'm looking back at different lives. This past year has been a whirlwind of celebrations.

Side note: please ignore the streaky mirror. My dad has since then worked his squeegee magic and fixed it. It bothers me.

I still feel really content to be pregnant. I'm anxious to meet him, this little man of ours, but I still feel good. I mean, I can barely roll from one side to another in the middle of the night without feeling like I'm going to pull a vital muscle. I have swelling in places I would rather not. Sometime the Braxton Hicks make me feel like I can't catch my breath BUT I'm really not miserable like I know so many women are at this point in the pregnancy.

I'm going to miss the way I feel him move around. I'll miss the flutters and jabs and full body rotations. I'll miss watching in wonder as my stomach morphs into different shapes.

I'm going to miss this infectious happiness that is pregnancy. I'll miss the knowing smiles from other parents and grandparents.


I'm really going to miss this pregnant body. Call me crazy but I really think I'll miss it. I love my big round belly. I look in the mirror and giggle and clap. I've loved my body for 9 months straight. With the exception of the stretch marks (which I've decided to ignore but I'll tell you more about later) I haven't had a complaint.

That must be some kind of record for me. I've never been satisfied with my body and there is a certain freedom I found with pregnancy. I'll admit that I didn't gain much and that may certainly have changed my perspective. I just can't remember another time I've been so comfortable in my own skin. I haven't had abs this tight ever and my love handles have been stretched away. I'll miss dressing to accentuate my fat belly! I've had a fat belly before but I certainly didn't want to show it off :)

I'm not exactly looking forward to the aftermath. Who knows what shape my body will be in later.

Until then I'm going to soak every moment in. I'll be enjoying it in between my time wondering if every Braxton Hicks or cramp is going to be the start of labor.

10 more days.... at this rate we're both so comfy I'm not sure when this will happen.


  1. you are getting close to meeting this little is magic the first time you hold your baby. I cry sometimes just thinking about that moment...magic.

    I had stretch marks...but they faded away pretty quick and while they are still there, they are not very noticeable. I didn't get them until the very end go figure.
    And your postpartum body will never be the same as your pre baby body but you won't mind because it is one of those things you are kind of proud of looking back...look what my body did! I made a human! :) I personally gained 55 lbs but I lost it all and I'm back to my old self with a few didn't happen right away but it happened. They say it took 9 months to get your body in this shape, it will take 9 months to get it that was the timeline I used and it was pretty realistic.

    and just a practical tip for once baby is poo is full of bilirubin, which is the same thing that causes jaundice...and just like they treat jaundice with time in the sun light...once you wash out the poo from clothes, blankets, towels, etc let them dry in the sunlight and it will take out all the stains. You won't lose a single outfit if you use this trick :)

    enjoy the end of your is good you are not wishing it was over already...a lot of good things are happening with baby right now on the inside.

  2. Yes, you will miss it. There is nothing that can compare to feeling your child move inside you. You will be an amazing Mother. God Bless!

  3. You will miss being pregnant, I sure did. I loved being pregnant. But when you hold Peanut for the first time it is all going to be worth the "no chocolate anything" rule. I am so excited and I am not even having this baby.

  4. Pregnancy was the only time I have really loved my body - I even wore a bikini for the first time in my life! Looking back on the last few months, I wish I had been kinder to myself and my body. I wish I had given my body the respect and the care that it deserved.

    So excited for you!

  5. I loved being pregnant, too---what a joy to see that big belly---one of the best gifts of your life is in there! Treasure every moment!

  6. You look wonderful! And yes, you will miss this. I felt like a stranger in my body for the first few weeks after the girls were born. It was weird. BUT...I can't wait for blog world to meet your little man! So exciting! 10 days? WOO HOO!

  7. You are one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I've seen...hands down. You will look back and try really hard to remember what life was like before babies. It will seem like you were just in a holding pattern...waiting for this time in your life...this special person to finally be there. It's surreal.

  8. Yep, you will totally miss it. But only for a little while. I remember lying in the hospital bed the night Lex was born (I may have told you this), bummed out because she was in the nursery and in my belly where she'd been for so long. It was very lonely! I ended up calling at 2AM for them to bring her in, because I couldn't sleep without her!

  9. girl you are just darling, and only 10 days away, holy moly! I completely remember feeling the same way you did, completely, and i loved my body for the first time too!! bliss is the one word that describes these times! enjoy the last 10 days!! yipee, can't wait to meet your man too!

  10. I am so glad you are loving being pregnant. It is absolutely amazing and yes will be over soon, but a whole new set of amazing feelings will come flooding in that you never imagined you would have. Life is an amazing blessing. I LOVED being pregnant as well. I can't wait to meet the little peanut. PS I have a jigsaw puzzle on my stomach with stretch marks, but on the bright side all my kids love looking at we call them the beauty marks of birth. Have a great day sweet Dawn.. :)

  11. This is so encouraging. I love the idea of loving your body for 9 months and being proud of your belly. :-) You really haven't gained much weight at all-you look incredible for being due so soon. I'm so excited for you!!!

  12. You look beautiful! 10 days...awesome!!!

  13. This post is beautiful. I am so excited for you!!!

  14. I can't believe we're so close!! (I use the term "we" rather loosely.)

  15. You really are a beautiful pregnant woman! I think it is such a wonderful time. It's special that you know you will miss it. :) I don't know if that makes sense, but I know what I mean. I hope you do, too.
    And regarding the body after pregnancy...once my husband said to me,"You have the honor of bearing the marks of motherhood!" It was one of the sweetest things he ever said. That's how I try to think of it.
    Although, now I am bearing the marks of eating too many brownies...not such a wonderful thing. ;)
    Thanks for sharing your many people are so excited to meet your little man!

  16. I loved being pregs too. Every day of it. Those growth hormones coursing through my body were such a great high. However, I was seven days late. Seven days. I felt so ripped off when my due date came and ....went. No baby. Hey! I'd joyfully put in my time and now I wanted a baby in my arms. Being late was not fun. Especially when someone would say, "When's your baby due?" And I would have to say, "Uh, last Tuesday." Then they would look at me with fear in their eyes like the baby was going to drop out of me right in front of them.

    Think of those little calendars you use in December where you open a little door every day until you get to December 25th. What would happen if you came to the 25th and then didn't have Christmas? How wrong is that?

    That's what being overdue is like. It's just wrong.


  17. Oooooo ... so close! 10 days!!!

    I too loved every second of being pregnant ... such a miracle happening right inside of you!

    Think of you every day!

  18. I've been reading, but not commenting again...busy busy. You are so cute all pregnant. I hope your last few days go by smoothly and that you have as awesome a delivery as you can have!!

  19. Ugh. You are adorable. I am SO HAPPY for you guys. I totally understand how you feel right now. I LOVED being pregnant and with my last, I didn't want it to end. Everyone kept giving me tips to get her out; even my dr asked if I wanted to be induced. I was totally content to let her stay in as long as she wanted.
    You will miss it, but you will be so happy to hold your little man in your arms. It's a whole new adventure once they are here. I can hardly remember what life was like without kids (or maybe I'm trying to forget that part of my life?).haha.
    I cannot wait to hear about your birth and see the amazing pics of your baby boy.

  20. I am so with you on this... So if your crazy then that makes two of us. I loved being pregnant with both my babies! With my daughter I tried to convince my doctor that she was happy where she was and was not ready to come out yet. I said this as I was on my way to the OR for my c-section. I find myself jealous sometimes of pregnant woman and their cute bellies. I could never understand the mom's who say they hated being preggo. I had extreme ALL day sickness with my son and still enjoyed every moment of it. The experience of pregancy is wonderful and I cannot wait to do it again! *wink*
    BTW~ Still the most cutest belly of the year!

  21. You adorable woman. You are just so awesome. I LOVE (absolutely love, L.O.V.E. love) that you are so content in your pregnant body. It's such a miracle and so nice when people appreciate it instead of complain about it! And the aftermath? Well, I'm sure you'll bounce back easily, but if not, it's all just your war wounds! Something to be proud of! :o)

  22. PS Love that little witchy-poo in the background of the first picture! You even found time to decorate for fall! :o)

    Can NOT believe it's a matter of days. CRAZY!!!

  23. I know EXACTLY how you feel about being pregnant. Those were my exact feelings too. I miss it and the feeling of it, especially knowing I won't ever be able to be that way again (but its OK!). I still look at Jake everyday and can't believe this guy was with my for the journey. Its such a trip but I love him more and more each day (if thats possible). As you watched your belly grow and him growing inside, its even more amazing when he becomes part of this outside world and you can physically see him learning and advancing everyday. Not to mention you think you have the cutest kid in the world. :) Here's to the new chapter of Baby Peanut. Its awesome and can't wait to meet him!


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