Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Celeste's Baby Shower


Doesn't it seem like weddings and baby showers come in waves? I'm so behind on blogging these events I might never catch up.


My dear friend Celeste is having her first, a baby boy, due on November 7th. I know I've mentioned it before but Celeste and I are friends from high school. We were born 7 days apart and our boys are due 10 days apart.


This baby boy has been waited for, anticipated and celebrated!


Another great gift idea... a baby scrapbook that is already put together for her. All she has to do is add the pictures. This would probably be the only scrapbook I would ever put together :)


Every newborn need his own baseball bat, right? It's never too early to start playing ball!


This blow-up duck bath actually quacks when you squeeze it!

Did I mention that Celeste has connections and I won La Mer products as a game prize? I almost don't want to use the stuff but I think I'll need whatever help I can get after the baby is born.


Family picture of Celeste, her mom and her sister. Next time I see them all together they'll be holding a little baby boy!


Don't these cupcakes look awesome?!


I'm super obsessed with these sprinkles. They're pearl and they really stand out on the dark frosting, unlike what regular sugar crystals would look like.

I think a red version would be perfect on the chocolate cherry cookies I'll be posting later this week.

9 days until cupcakes.... I mean... um.. until I have a baby! Then Celeste better get a move on because I want these babies 7 days apart.


  1. Oh dear, those cupcakes look so good!!! It's so fun to be pregnant at the same time as a good friend, I did that with Q. Here's to hoping our babies come sooner rather than later!

  2. I haven't been over here forever! I'm so far behind in visiting everyone. I'm a by far a 'winter' blogging friend.

    First, Congrats on the baby!!! So happy for you!! Seconds, congrats to your friend! Third, how awesome that your children will be so close in age and grow up together! So cool!!

    The decorations are the cutiest and some I'd never seen before. Too cute! Wonderful pictures and post!

    Blessings & Big Hug to you,

  3. FUN! You two are adorable in that first pic. I love the look on her face. I miss baby showers. All my friends are on like baby #3 or #4 and they don't get showers any more.

  4. It's the battle of the baby bellies! :)

    Congrats to both you and Celeste! I can't wait to meet your little guys!

  5. Have you seen the site, "Bake it Pretty?" I'm obsessed with EVERYTHING on that site!!

  6. I've only recently gotten back to my blog, saw your picture and suddenly panicked. "Ahhh!!! The baby! What if she had the baby and I missed it!?" I'm happy to see that I'm just in time!

    Can't wait to see your adorable wee peanut on the outside!

  7. I know what you mean about being behind on blogging. Wait til Peanut gets here and keeps you too busy to blog. You better blog about Peanut though! hee hee!!! Love those cupcakes and all this baking you've been up to as well.

  8. My mouth started watering over those cupcakes. They look gorgeous with the blue sprinkles. Yum yum yum. How cool would that be if the babies were 7 days apart?!


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