Thursday, October 28, 2010

40 weeks and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g


Well, I'm officially 40 weeks pregnant. If Peanut is anything like his father he feels no need to change what seems to be a very comfortable existence. Why mess with things when he is so happy where he is?

I still feel pretty darn good. I'm a bit tired, my skin feels like it might stretch apart in places and there is a lot of pressure so I waddle a lot.

The following pictures are for those of you who think I look just beautiful and hardly pregnant at all. :)

Viewer Discretion Advised: If the site of a naked mama belly freaks you out, turn back now.


My pajamas don't quite fit anymore. I still like to make an effort to be sexy for B. Can you tell? I mean, we are still kinda newlyweds.

Adding to my sex appeal are the 2 innies and 1 outie that I currently have. How does that happen? This really freakish thing happened to what was previously my belly button piercing. Despite the fact that I haven't worn a ring in years the scar tissue stretched and stretched and stretched. My belly button popped out but the piercing holes just kept getting angrier and angrier until they started sprouting stretch marks- straight out of the scar tissue.

If you look closely you can see what is a perfect X shape on the top one and the bottom one has more of a circular pattern. The X shape is quite evil looking, it freaks people out. It's actually a bit painful.


Despite thoughts that I was getting stretch marks previously I didn't actually get any (besides the evil X) until 37 1/2 weeks when all of a sudden I've started sprouting them all over the underside of my belly. They are still fairly light and it's not to bad because at this point I can't really see them under there.

I've decided that there really isn't anything you can do about them so I'm just not going to worry about it. I will be very curious to see what will happen to the angry purple X after Peanut is born.


Huh, whaddya do?

Speaking of sexy, last month my mom and I went to Target to get some post-baby underwear. I don't think wearing thongs or my cutesy boy shorts is going to work. It makes me laugh that I'm buying full butt underwear for post-baby that looks exactly like the underwear I wore in grade school. What's up with the patterns on these things? AND I had to get pads, which I think I've only used a handful of times in my life. Big diaper-like pads. Sexy.

Anyway, as I was looking at the wall of briefs, bikinis and other unknowns, a very pregnant lady was asking me a bunch of questions. What should she get? What size should she get? Will she need pads too? What am I getting?

I gave her all the second hand information I knew of and then my mom asked her when she was due. Her answer? She was being induced the next day... because she was 2 weeks past due!

The woman was due 2 weeks ago and had a cart full of necessities and very little information. People are crazy.

So here I am, as prepared as I'll ever be... just waitin' for this little boy to make his appearance! If possible I plan on giving an update on here before I go in. If you don't hear from me for a couple of days... well then you know I'm in the hospital. Can you believe B & I don't have internet access on our ancient phones?

I have a check up this afternoon so everyone cross your fingers for some dilation or something! I'll keep you posted!


  1. It's funny, yours is the first blog I check every morning just to see if you're still here! Makes me feel like I'm paving out in the waiting room. Sending prayers your way. Peanut is so truly blessed to have you both.

  2. I am with Hoosier at Heart. I turn on my computer, do my FB "Elixir of Life" update and then check over here to see if Peanut has arrived. Will be praying for your appointment this afternoon. Love you my bloggy friend.

  3. You have nowhere else for him to go but coming out! Your belly is stretched as far as it looks like it will go. You look adorable and you don't know how much better you will feel after Peanut is born. (and the placenta, sorry) Good luck.

  4. Oh how you make me laugh and you have now burned completely new images of yourself onto my indelible mind. : )

    Just say sexy, dead sexy...with a strong Mike Myers deadpan Scottish accent...I say it to myself and it makes me laugh everytime I feel rather un-sexy. Not that you are, because girl, you look amazing!

    Thinking of all three of you today!

  5. Awww, you look adorable and glad to hear you are feeling good. Can't wait to see Peanut! As for your belly button the timer is just popping out and the little "Turkey" is ready, hee hee!!!

  6. These pictures are priceless! Never thought about what happens to a piercing when the belly expands! I learn something from you every day;) LOL!

    Can't wait to see Peanut in your arms:)

  7. Twitter dear! If you have text messaging on your phones you can Twitter through text messaging and you don't need Internet access. I don't have Internet access on my phone but I can post to both Twitter and Facebook through text.

  8. I'm so excited for you. All this just keeps taking me back. Such an changing forever adventure. You are both going to just love it. I'm sure! I'll be keeping you in my prayers girl...praying for a safe delivery and that your experience will be a good one. Keep us posted!

  9. I'm really amused that I'm not the only one who checks your blog first thing to see if you've updated. It makes me feel less like a stalker.

    Almost done!!!

  10. You are beautiful! I love the baby tummy. Both my babies were early so I never got to the stage you are. I sure hope when my daughter has babies she enjoys the process as you have. It is an incredible time and will only get better. Sending hugs to you and Peanut.

  11. I also check in to see if there's an update. Can't wait to see the little Peanut.

  12. GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL---you look amazing! I was two weeks late (sorry) and the DAY I went in to have my first little bundle---TWO WEEKS LATE my stretch marks appeared. I still tell my now 21 year old that SHE did this to me! ;D If she'd been on time, I wouldn't have had any stretch marks----(well, at least that's what I tell her). SERIOUSLY---you look great---don't worry about updating us---we'll figure it out!!!

  13. I woke up thinking of you and peanut...wondering if today will be the day! I love your pajama look. I have a similar thing going on. I've been wearing a tank top and pajama bottoms to bed. The top covers my preggo belly when I go to sleep but when I wake up, it has always magically risen up over my belly like a crop top. It's a good look.
    I just went to Target last week to get post-baby underwear too :)

  14. Okay, Peanut! Your mommy no longer has any space left so come on out!

  15. Oh I love your pj's. :)
    Love the belly! Mom had 2 before me and 3 after me, so I'm pretty comfortable with baby bellies. In fact, I love pregnancy photography. This one lady I found the other day was a-ma-zing. So natural. :)

    Hope the baby comes soon!
    (I came over from Jana's sugar-spice-life place:)

  16. p.s. I LOVE the artwork on the wall behind you in those pics:)

  17. Ryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyder, you can come oooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuut now! Can you hear me buddy? :o)

  18. You do look beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful! Plus, I LOVE that nursery!

  19. Oh honey... just wait til they unpack the hospital box and show you the icepack pad!! If you think the pads you buy in the store are huge... Hahahahahaha!

    And you're freaking gorgeous for 40 weeks. Tell that little squirt that "it's time to get out and you mean business!" Good to practice the Mama tone of voice early.

  20. Has anyone told you about the mesh undies? They give them to you in the hospital...I have to say, they're awesome. Post-baby is messy! Especially those first couple of days. The mesh undies are bigger than your grandma's underwear, but they are comfortable and disposable!! Highly important when you've just pushed a small watermelon out of your...well, you know. I bought new post-baby undies, are already such a smart mama! :)

  21. Oh, it will just kill us all if you just disappear for a couple of days and we have to wait and wonder! Can't you just prepare a He's HERE post and leave the date, weight, and time blank for someone in your family to fill in and download or post or however you put stuff on your blog? Pretty please????

    I was a week late and every day after my due date I would answer the phone and someone in my famiy would say, "Oh, you're still home? Bye then." Most deflating!

    Have a great delivery!



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