Saturday, January 2, 2010

Posting from the Time Warp

This post brings me great pleasure because I still can't entirely wrap my mind around this whole time warp thing.

We leave Los Angeles at 9:15 pm on January 1st. We spend 13 hours on the plane. We travel thru many time zones and end up in New Zealand which is 21 hours ahead of LA.

We arrive in Auckland, New Zealand at 7 am on January 3rd! What happened to the 2nd?! Ok I know what happened to the 2nd but then I get confused on my posting dates and times. So don't mind me when I'm mumbling jibberish about days and times. I may even accidentally forget the date we are scheduled to come home. You just never know. These accidents can happen.

Now when you watch this video turn on the HD, expand the video to fit your screen and let the whole video load and really enjoy it... - showreel from Tom Roberton on Vimeo.

Isn't the video just gorgeous? I'll give my real evaluation when we land.

Now I am bringing B's computer and have confirmed that we have internet at various hotel thru our stay. If all works out well we'll be posting as we go. You know I wouldn't be able to go long without sharing some pictures with you.

So keep your fingers crossed that technology will agree with me. Unlike the sad news it will take $500 to repair my laptop.

Woo hoo! At the moment this will be posting we will be in the air... somewhere over the Pacific Ocean... heading to summer in the youngest country on Earth.


  1. Wow! Can you even call missing a day jet lag?? Have a great trip! Can't wait to see New Zealand through your eyes!

  2. Have a fantastic trip. Can't wait to see pics!!

  3. The time thing is a bit too complicated for my little pea brain to wrap itself around! But you'll get back a day or two when you return ... won't you?
    Wow the video in HD was awesome. Beautiful!

    Been thinking of you and wondering how it's going!
    Thanks for taking all of us along for the honeymoon! You are a true friend! ;->
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  4. Have a fun and safe flight!
    That video is amazing!

  5. I'm going to be looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures. Have fun and be safe!

  6. It wouldn't let me watch the whole thing, but from what I could see...breathtaking. I can't wait to see it though your eyes. Happy travels!

  7. AWESOME! I wish I was in New Zealand, but instead I'm back at work. Boo.

    Have TONS OF FUN!!!!

  8. Oh I hope you are just having the BEST time!!

  9. Dawn,

    How much fun for you and B to gain a whole extra day on your trip going out there. Praying that a great company will ask you to review a laptop and provide one for you!

    Nothing is impossible and can't wait to see all your wonderful pictures.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. I understand the laptop repair issue--my last laptop broke down three times, and each time, I had to send it back to the company to be repaired. So far, so good on this one.

    I hope your trip is enjoyable.

  11. Oh, I love those mind-bending flights. Not the flights, really - just the mind-bend part. I once flew through an entire day from New York to Cairo. It was like a miracle. We actually watched out the window across the hours as the sun set, rose, and set again. Amazing!

  12. You guys are going to have so much fun. I'm excited for your blogs along the way!


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