Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twitter, Tweeting, Tweeple, Twit

Go ahead, tell me all about Twitter. Tell me what it is. Tell me why you do it. Tell me how you follow on it. Tell me if its fun.

People keep telling me to get on Twitter and I haven't yet. But I hate missing out on other information from some of my favorite bloggers.

I've really been on the fence. Do I need another computer time suck? Then I went to see PWs tweets (is that what they are called?) and I decided I would sign up. If I don't like it, I just won't use it.

Then I tried to enter my blog name. They don't allow enough characters.

I would be...... SpontaneousClap.


Sounds catching. Noone wants Spontaneous Clap, thats for sure.

So, tell me friends. Are you on Twitter? Do you tweet? Do you have fellow tweeple?

I'll tell you one thing, if I am going to get on Twitter than I am going to have to come up with a better name than SpontaneousClap. Please send help.



P.S. I'll have another post up later today when the interwebs are more agreeable :)
UPDATE: I am now on Twitter as DandyClaps :)


  1. I think you should be Spontanclap, which sounds a bit like a Roman Emperor or a sleepy English village. I can't beat Twitter, as I'm just not that communicative, but it's certainly the in thing and you're right to give it a go.

  2. LOL --jiggling rolls of belly fat! SpontaneousClap! Bwahahaha!

    I've decided to give Twitter another try... and so far, so good. Not as 'distracting' as Facebook.

  3. I'm thinking the SpontaneousClap sounds like an STD. How about DandyTwit?!! :)

    I have a twitter account. I don't use it much. I mainly use it to stalk. Ryan Seacrest tweets during American Idol. It is a great way to find out reality tv happenings, weather reports, etc. I think my life is too boring to tweet often.

  4. LOL at you the others here!!!
    I've got a tweet account ... just never use it ... Between FB and blogging, that's enough for me and I don't even post that much on FB, I just like to see what others are doing ...

    Let's see ...
    Spapping ... Dandybird ... nope ... none as good as you all have come up with!!!

  5. Twitter makes me feel old. I just don't get it. Maybe I would enjoy reading what everyone else has to say but I can't believe that I would ever have enough to say to be able to twitter throughout the day or the time for that matter, I even find facebook a chore. Blogging is enough, for me anyways.


  6. How about SpontnsClapping? You have to be careful when you start taking out vowels, though. Funny story: My dad's father always used to say, that what is supposed to be will be. Shortly after he died, my dad got a new truck and decided on a vanity plate. To remember his dad he wanted it to say "Supposed to be", but of course that wouldn't fit. He shortened it to "Supzed2B." Every time I saw it, all I could think was "'S'up, Z?" Very homeboy, but not really what my dad was going for. Then one day, he and my mother were sitting in a parking lot, having a Major Disagreement. About 20 minutes into this "discussion" someone knocked on his window...

    It was a lady, who, when he opened the window, said "I can't stand it anymore, you have to tell me what that license plate is supposed to say!" :-D

    Now his plate says "Sposd2B." Or something along those lines.

  7. Oh, and I know nothing at all about Twitter, also feeling that I have too much sucking my time away, technologically speaking, already. Sorry I can't help with that!

  8. I am on Twitter but I don't use it much. I don't really get the just of it. I mostly get people posting giveaways constantly. Not too interesting for me...

  9. Hmm Spontaneous Clap...that's definitely catchy! Hahaha...oh I don't know how I feel about Twitter...I know that it's the IT thing in social networking nowadays...but I just don't see myself saying something interesting enough. Oh the pressure!

  10. I just signed up last week because I thought I was behind the times, the cool thing is that some of the other places I am a member on the web all link my tweets so I enter one and it shows up in all 4 places. I dont say anything important at all and I only have 4 followers, no one notices so I only update it every now and again. I think I could have lived without it my twitter name is just @janawarnke super original I know. use dandy!

  11. I vote for spontaneousclap. What a great name. ;)

  12. I just can't seem to drag myself into Twitter. I did it for exactly a week and weird strangers were following me and I was like, "Why do they care that I just made toast while listening to the Flaming Lips song about jelly? Why?" And then I quit.

    Because I'm a quitter.

    I think Spontaneousclap would by hysterical. Very catchy. Bwahahahaha!

  13. You guys are cracking me up today! I'm going to try it out but mostly because I want to stalk you peeps that are on there. WE'll see how it goes.

    I'll be on as Dandy Claps. I think that sounds less like an STD. ;)

  14. You are so funny with the name!
    the user name I believe can be up to 15 characters, I was going to say @spntanusclappin
    but @dandyclaps is good :)
    I love twitter, it's quick and there are so many companies on their if you need quick info, lots of foodies, and tons of giveaways. If you'd like I can email you and e-book about twitter :)

  15. lol. I am laughing at the STD, I immeditaly thought of that! too funny! I am signed up, I follow a few people here and there, but I have no idea how to use it! lol~ good luck, I will start following you dandy twit or is it dandy clap..or just clap, I can't remember!

  16. I love Twitter, but I'm naturally curious so it keeps me in the know. I use it to:
    - keep up with friends, to see what they are doing and to talk to them (texting without needing phone numbers)
    - find out what famous people are doing (musicians, celebrities, PW, etc)
    - mini-blog (for the times when I can't stop to write a blog post but need to get something off my mind)

    The best part is that I can use it on my phone.

    My blog is The Quirky Redhead, but on twitter I used redheadkate. Lots of people use their real name though.

  17. Ha! You crack me up!!! I'm not on Twitter and I can barely find time to pop onto FB every now and again...the blog sucks up enough of my time! Seriously, how do people keep up with all 3 (and I know quite a few people who do)??!! I guess if I gave up sleeping, or feeding my children...for now, there just aren't enough hours in the day...

    Have a great weekend Dandy!

    :) T

  18. no twitter or tweep or whatever here ... it seems like a foreign language

  19. "Hello Doctor, I am here today because I think I may have caught SpontaneousClap."


    glad you went with Dandy Claps!

  20. I think Dandyclaps is adorable. And Um, Diane, I would hesitate to use anything with anus in the lineup! But that's just me. I guess I'm very juvenile but all I could see was anus clappin there. What can I say, I have two grandsons so I get a LOT of bottom humor from them. I can just imagine where THEY would go with that title.

  21. I don't dig the Twitter, myself... it's like constant Facebook updating. But I know plenty of people like it! :)

  22. I am crying, you guys are hilarious!

  23. Oh my word, these comments are hilarious. Definitely glad you stayed away from any "anus" derived names. I might have not followed your spontanus...ness - :)

    I have a GREAT reason for using Twitter. Ahem. Story time. So, my Mom had this Kenmore washing machine that had done nothing but cause her trouble for day ONE. Seriously, she had the extended warrenty but they did over 2,000 in repairs on the thing instead of just admitting it was a lemon and giving her a new one. Not only that, their customer service would never let her talk to anyone about getting it replaced. They always told her there was nothing they could do, and yadda yadda. My Mom is no doormat, and she tried her best but to no avail. Well, I decided one day to tweet Sears about how crummy the whole deal was, and told them in my little tweet that we'd never buy a Kenmore appliance again! Would you believe that in a matter of hours I was contacted by someone who wanted her info, and by that AFTERNOON she had spoken to the big dawgs @ Sears and they gave her 2100.00 to buy any new washer she wanted!! All because of Twitter! We were pretty excited considering this had been an ongoing issue for 2 years. The PR guy said that getting on Twitter and saying you wouldn't ever buy a Kenmore is like telling a room full of thousands of people to not buy one either. They were so cool about it.

    Moral of the story? Use Twitter to fight for what you want. NAH, not really, but it sure worked that time!

  24. Reading that last comment totally makes me want to Tweet! I don't as of yet...tell me how you like it and maybe I'll think about doing it.

  25. I'm a tweetee too! Glad you're on board. I don't always have anything inspiring to say though so I just sit back and watch conversations pass me by.

  26. ok---so, I'm sure I'm going to sound mean when I say this---but, I don't care what you are doing right now---YIKES! that sounds awful!!!! What I mean is....that's the answer you are answering when you tweet---and I just think we all spend too much time on these crazy instruments as it is---you know what I mean? SOOOOO, it's really NOT that I don't care, but I do have other things in my life and I SHOULD care more about those things than keeping up with everyone---I don't do it because it would take over my life---but, of course, I'm not on facebook ----*horrors*----for the same reason---so all you social networking people just think I'm a freak anyway! SO, PLEASE don't think I REALLY don't care what you are doing right now---it's just that I don't have time to care---hugs---in the nicest possible way! :)

  27. I was sad and then I got on the computer and your post is the first thing I read just now and I laughed out loud. Thank you.
    Oh my goodness, that was funny.
    Here is something else that is funny. I have a Twitter account, have never written anything, but have two followers! I'm better than I thought.

    I think I need more help than you do.

  29. I have a twitter account. I've actually had it for awhile but the few times I went on it no one talked to me so I don't even bother. I signed on to follow you and should make for some interesting eavesdropping! LOL!

  30. I'm on twitter, but I honestly don't update it that often. I dont' get a lot out of it, and I really prefer blogging. But that's just my two cents.

    I think you should keep SpontaneousClap if you go for it. Just think of all the spam followers you'd get! :-)

  31. Bwahahahahahaha SpontaneousClap LOL!

    I was a huge Twitter hold-out like you and I have to admit that I still don't totally get it. I just realized yesterday that I can see when people @tweet me without having to read every single update ever. Who knew?

  32. SpontaneousClap is HILARIOUS!! I'm dying here. Dying. Rolling around on the floor snorting. Don't ask me how I can type that way. I'm gifted that way.

  33. I couldn't use my blog name either. Mine is WAY too long. I still don't get twitter but I am trying to tweet and see what happens.

  34. I am on Twitter, but I don't use it that much. However, I will tell you, that during the Haiti earthquake, we had people that made it into the country about 12 hours after the first one hit, and Twitter was a lifesaver for us. We were able to keep in contact through it!!

  35. The biggest reason I like Twitter is to get interesting links from other bloggers or friends that may not be "worth" a whole blog post, but are good reads. I also like seeing friends' Twitpics of funny people-watching or signs or whatever that are worth a giggle. Since I keep my Facebook and Twitter separate, I use Twitter as more of a blogging tool with some personal stuff, and my Facebook status never mentions my blog. I've also experienced companies paying attention to tweets -- my moving company even gave my blog a shoutout. ;p

  36. You have to get on Twitter! Must. My latest posts tells you why, if only for emergency sake :)


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