Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rock Art on the Beach


On our way from Franz Josef (where we went hiking on a glacier) to Queenstown we drove down the west coast.

As we turned a corner I could see stretch of beach coming up and I excitedly looked for a place to pull over.


We had stayed by lakes, by ports, by small beaches but this type of beach seemed familiar. This beach had long stretches of sand like we do in Southern California.

But something seemed different as we got closer.

What is that lining the beach?


Why its rock art! All the way down the road were piles of rocks.


I mean, people were really creative. The art ranged from tiny pebbles to actual boulders.


If you climbed past the rocks towards the water you can see where everyone was getting their supplies.


Even further along the water line were gorgeous white rocks and shiny purple ones and clear green ones.


They were all smooth and polished and just asking to be admired.


So we picked out some pretty white ones and B started constructing.

We wanted to be a part of this and leave our mark in New Zealand.


As I looked down the beach I couldn't help but wonder who started this communal piece of art? How many people have stopped by and contributed?


There are so many its hard to even see in the pictures.


Do you see the look of concentration?

Look at that one! This masterpiece includes some of the local drift wood.


I walked thru them very carefully.


You can't see it all that well but at the end of this beach is a dense forest of trees.

I've always wanted to live where the ocean meets the forest.


We picked a very noticeable spot next to this cross. Or cross-like drift wood thingie.


So if you happen to be driving down the 6 and you see this cross, stop by and visit our masterpiece!


B worked very hard on it and I think its fantastic!


  1. I love it!!

    What a fantastic idea... it's like signing "I was here," but using rock formations. :)

  2. You have chronicled so many wonderful memories to cherish. What a lovely way to leave your mark on NZ!

  3. How fun! I think it's safe to say ya'll have had a blast! ;)

  4. That is so cool. I love this post Dawn. Isn't that left your mark!!

  5. My sister and I use to do this when we were kids!

  6. Really cool! I just love the ocean :)

  7. I love how creative you both were. The pieces you chose and how carefully B designed the layout allowed you both to express your creativity you were feeling at the moment. Just love the polished white rocks. Those are amazing and beautiful!

    I too, have always wanted to live where the forest meets the oceans. It's the best of my two favorite places, kinda like in Monterey, California!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Lovely shots as always... Did you bring rocks home?!

  9. Ooo! I really like your white rocks--they're so pearly and nice.

  10. That's so neat! What a fun surprise to stumble on! The cross-like driftwood thingy looks like a snake hanging from a pole ready to drop on something or someone... kinda freaky and cool!

  11. That is awesome... You guys are having way too much fun~!!

  12. I love this, the ocean is beautiful~your art master piece is perfection! nice way to leave your mark!

  13. It is fantastic! And, oh those rocks are gorgeous! Tell me you kept a few and have them happily piled in your windowsills now.

  14. So amazing! I love the way that sounds...where the ocean meets the forest. It makes me think of something out of The Chronicles of Narnia.

  15. This is just so cool. I have enjoyed your trip so much! I love that you post pics of your meals, especially the three desserts. And your rock art truly ROCKS! What a great memory and way to leave a little piece of yourself behind in NZ. Looks like you guys have had so much fun. May you both always be as happy together as you have been on this trip. Cherish each other.


  16. it IS fantastic, how cool! TJ would say "its a momma and a baby" kids think of big and small that go have one.

  17. The rocks ... well, rock ... beautiful

  18. What a neat place. B marked his spot for remembrance. Cool post.


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