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Friday, March 30, 2012

An update and some IORT


Mom did really well during the surgery and things are looking good.
She was able to get the new fancy IORT procedure.

That's intraoperative radiation treatment for all you people who aren't in with the newest technology.
It's still fairly new here in the states, although they've been doing it for years in Europe.

Basically, they are able to do radiation during surgery, directly to the targeted area.
It's super awesome and I'm sort of jealous.

In fact, I really don't think it's at all fair.
I had to do 7 weeks of radiation.  35 treatments total.
And my boob looked like burgundy aged leather by the end.
And it didn't completely fade away for years.
And it still tans differently.
And I have several tattooed dots on my body.
But hey, if you have it a bit easier, that's cool.

Anyway, they were able to do it during surgery, minimizing exposure to unnecessary tissue and organs, speeding up the treatment process and really targeting what is most important.
The whole process is really exciting!


I have to say that with all the awareness and money raised for breast cancer, 
it is really exciting to see that money at work.

It's only been 5 years since my diagnosis.... less than 4 years since my treatment and we've already progressed so far in better treatments.

Thank you mom for getting cancer so that I can see that our fundraising money was put to good use!

Mom is doing really well.  I always say that she has super healing powers... or maybe it's that she can handle pain a lot better than I can.

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers!!

PS  I will have a 52 Foods post up for this week... I'm lagging a bit but I'm totally going to play the cancer card... even if it's not mine.


  1. Oh Dawn I know what you mean about the burgundy leather aged skin. I got "sunburn" after the second treatment. Nothing worse than getting the three month mammograms the first year.

    So glad your Mom is doing well! Give her my get well soon wishes!

  2. I guess the IORT is her way of doing things better? Happy to hear your mom was able to receive this new treatment and hoping she's outperforming you in the kitchen in no time. ; )

  3. Delightful photos . . . I love good fund raising news! Better yet, good news about MOM. . .

  4. Dawn, I had no idea this was going on... I'm so sorry! I know your a tough cookie... and you MUST come from a tough cookie momma! Your family is in my prayers! Keep the updates coming. :)

  5. Praise the Lord! Aren't Moms amazing?! I'm so glad she came out of surgery well and is on the healing road. Praying for complete healing, peace and strength for your Mama.

  6. Hurray for Mom! And Hurray for Breast Cancer Research! (I'm dieting so the longer you hold off on those food posts, the better. Most of the time I want to crawl through the screen and chew my way back home!)

  7. I came by to see how Mom was doing...

    Hugs going to you and her!!!!!



  8. Yeah for Mom! Or should I say yeah for a good outcome to the surgery etc. And I am so far behind on 52 Food Adventures....although....I had....ALPACA when I was in Peru. And it was delicious. Does that count?

  9. Wow, that's awesome to hear how far the treatments have come. I'm glad your mom has super healing powers. XOXO!


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