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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#10 / 52 Food Adventures: Lobster Roll


This, my friends, was my very first lobster roll.

Although it may not seem such a food adventure for those of you on the East Coast,
I can honestly say that lobster rolls are hard to come by around here.

I was lucky enough to stumble on Wink's Lobster while at the Mission Viejo Farmers Market on Friday.



Apparently there are lots of ways to make a lobster roll but I'd like to declare that this is my absolute favorite.  Yes, I know it's the only one I've had but I can't imagine that it gets better than this.

Buttery toasted roll.  Loads of sweet lobstah meat.  Light seasoning.
Topped with lovely melted butter or mayo or both.
The answer should be both, by the way.

I'm sort of obsessed.
I think I might have to go back Friday.


Also, the owner Mr. Wink we'll call him because I can't remember if it was a first or last name, was super nice.  Originally from Maine he brought this lovely roll to Southern California just to make me happy.

Or something like that.

He just started up in October and I'm positive he'll have a booming business.
Wink's makes it way around OC and LA so check their Facebook page for a schedule or follow him on twitter @WinksLobster.

Also, Wink's gets bonus points for having pamphlets with fun lobster facts because I'm a nerd and I love things like this.  B likes them too because it means I read them to him when he's trying to do other things.

Did you know that lobster has less cholesterol, calories and saturated fat then skinless chicken breast?

Have you had a lobster roll?  How do you like yours made?

What did you try this week?


  1. The lobster roll looks delicious . . . The only thing I am trying new is a granola type bar I am making from scratch. Almonds, oats, cherries, raisins, and other "stuff!"

  2. That looks soooo good. This week I'm trying out that almond flour/flaxseed/hippie cracker since I get to eat almost-real food now...I'll let you know if they're awesome or gross! :)

  3. OH MY!! That must be a west coast luxury. I'm so jealous.

  4. That's the best lobster roll Ive ever seen ! So much lobster! Looks fresh and delicious! Gotta get me one or two!

  5. Hands down, one of my most favorite things EVER to eat. Well, pretty much anything with lobster. Mmmmmmm.

  6. So you just made me sooo homesick for the east coast...

    I love lobster rolls, they are quite an obsession, actually.

    Ah..gotta go scroll down and get a little Peanut fix...

    Have a great weekend sweetie!



  7. I love Winks Lobster rolls, they taste so fresh!

    Winks has an incredible lobster, egg, and cheese roll too!

    Mr. Wink definitely found a niche in Manhattan Beach.

    It's just what the Tuesday market needed, breakfast, lunch, and dinner sandwiches, made fresh to order!

    Here's to Winks Lobster, as they continue growing their fine business in Southern California :)

    1. Ooooh I must try their lobster, egg and cheese roll!


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