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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Fancy First Cut


Oh my little man, where has the time gone?!

Although Peanut still doesn't have a lot of hair exactly,
he definitely had hair that was too long in places.

It was finally time for a hair cut.

Picnik collage

We headed down to First Cut in Corona Del Mar, where I knew it would be fun for Peanut
and most importantly, cute for my pictures :)

We had taken Daniel to First Cut in Mission Viejo and all of the chairs were rockets.

Picnik collage

You see Peanut's wispy, goofy hair?

He has my hair.  B has that super thick, black asian hair.
I have much finer, brown hair.  I just have a ton of it.

Peanut does not have a ton of it.   Yet.

Picnik collage

He was actually pretty eager to get into the airplane.

It is a pretty cool chair, is it not?

Picnik collage

Then she started cutting and he was like.....
ummmm, what the heck is going on here?
I don't think like it.
Papa, get me out!
Why does she keep touching my head?
What are you doing up there?
Quit messing with my hair.

He keep saying please and trying to get us to pick him up.
He wasn't crying but he wasn't sitting still either.
Poor Peanut kept reaching up and pushing her hand away.

Man, she was patient... and fast.... and careful...
can you imagine what it would be like to cut kids hair all day long?

I'd clip someones ear off for sure.  And probably my finger.
And forget about a good looking hair cut.

Picnik collage

She asked if she could bribe him with a dum dum and I told her to go ahead.

Hey, whatever works.

Check out that look he's giving her, ha.
He's like, sure I'll take this thing you're handing me... but that doesn't mean I trust you.

So today Peanut also had his first piece of candy.
He was uninterested.

I finally pulled out a video of.....himself!
That kept him still for about a minute.

Picnik collage

Between all the toys they provide, candy, applesauce, a video camera, a pair of sunglasses, an airplane chair and 4 adults we managed to get through his first hair cut.


This was the happiest expression we got.

I'll take it!

Picnik collage

Getting your hair cut is serious business.

This is Peanut's serious I-just-got-my-hair-cut-look.


If you think this whole airplane or rocket chair is a bit much you should see the package they sell.

I read about it online.
You can also get the First Cut package which includes:
kids shampoo and body wash,
hair cut
before and after pictures
lock of hair
commemorative album


live broadcast on internet (at select locations)
for only $150!

I know.

I know!

So hey, if you thought these bazillion photos I just posted were bad then realize that I could have been
streaming live feed of Peanuts first hair cut instead :)

By the way, they did give me a lock of hair (and when Daniel went they also gave us a certificate).


I didn't actually think that his hair cut would make much a difference
but there is just something about that clean cut that makes my little boy seem so big.

Picnik collage

In that first picture he's trying to ignore me and my camera.

And he's plotting.  You can just tell.

Hopefully next time he'll sit still.
We shall see.
He probably won't be in a cool airplane the next time but as long as we manage to keep all ears and fingers in tact and there aren't any meltdowns during the cut,
then I'd say it's a success.


  1. Great report of the big day. I especially like how Peanut's shirt is color-coordinated with the salon decor. Coincidence?

  2. Wow...he looks so much older. He was all business. That's a cool place. The airplane chair was awesome.

  3. Such a handsome little man! It's amazing how that first haircut makes them look so much bigger. Or the haircut where the barber gives them a buzzcut before you can say no. That one stings a little, too.

  4. ADORABLE! Loved your photos, his wiggling way . . . his new look . .. . So adorable.

  5. SO, SO, sweet! Some of my favorite pictures I have of my boy....from 9 years ago...are of his first hair cut! What a beautiful boy!!

  6. Adorable! Love the new haircut!

  7. I can't believe you didn't stream it online!

  8. Oh he is so stinkin cute! I'd have watched the streaming for sure :)

  9. I'd say he did a fantastic job! I've seen little ones bawling and screaming their eyes out. He did great and he looks so handsome!

  10. aw your peanut reminds me of my bubba so much! this post made me smile =)

  11. Oh my! He's growing so fast and really does look like a little young man with his new do. What a sweetheart! : )

  12. Oh this brings back memories to my now 7 year old boy's first haircut so similar! I used bubbles like the little party favor size so they are tinier bubbles and this helped us keep him somewhat entertained. Peanut does look more grown up!!!


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