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Monday, April 2, 2012

#13 / 52 Food Adventures: Honey


At first you might not think that honey can be considered a food adventure.
Yes, I've had honey.  

In fact, I love honey.
It wasn't until I met this man that I realize I've never really tasted honey before.


The Bennett's Honey Farm has lots of different kinds of honey.
People pay them to bring out their bees and have them pollenate the crops.

The result is honey from a variety of different crops with a variety of different flavors.
They were kind enough to take me through a tasting of the different kinds of honey.


First off, you can see the difference in the honey colors, from the darkness of the Eucalyptus to the light cactus honey that looks as it's been whipped (it hasn't) and all the shades in between.

Tasting them next to each other, with the guidance of the honey expert I was really able to taste the differences in flavors.  The creaminess of avocado honey, the really full-flavored buckwheat, the mild sage honey, the slightly floral flavor of the orange.

I think I'm becoming a bit of a honey snob.

Adding to my love for their honey is the fact that the honey farm is 100% solar powered and all of their honey is raw and unfiltered preserving it's natural goodness.  The less processing the better.

Picnik collage

In addition to honey over herbed goat cheese I also made these honey panna cotta's with berries.

Do you have any honey recipes for me?

What did you eat this week?


  1. Your Panna Cotta looks scrumptious. Have you heard that a cure for allergies is to use local honey? I have been making a granola with local honey , rolled oats and dried blueberries.

  2. The Panna Cotta looks amazing! This week I have been eating fresh lima beans, chicken stew and Pork scalloppine...

  3. I am definitely a honey snob now. I prefer some made by own bees. : )

    I love it in my tea after dinner each evening, on toast with cinnamon, with yogurt or cottage cheese and fruit...just about with everything! I really would like to try making my own granola.

    Do you know sweet Lynne sent me here, she thought I would like this post about honey and then as she was surfing through the past, she found a comment left by me. It's a small world isn't it?

    Now, could you imagine tasting some clover honey out here amongst the tall trees? It would be soooo fun. : )


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