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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Newport Beach Boat Parade (and kisses for the girls)


A little over a week our friend Erica invited us to her parents house for the Newport Beach Boat Parade.

Despite having grown up here I've never seen it before.

Picnik collage

The added bonus is that we got to see this little sweetie.

Just look at those big eyes.


Peanut couldn't stop kissing her.
He's a very lovey boy.

Picnik collage

I kept telling him to be gentle.

You see how he's all scrunched up in the second picture?
That's what he does when I'm telling him not to do something that he wants to do.

Picnik collage

Erica's parents have a gorgeous house that I showed you here.

We all brought appetizers and her dad made us warm apple pies which are actually the yummiest winter drink ever- just warm apple cider with a bit of Tuaca, topped with some whipped cream.

Picnik collage

After we stuffed ourselves we headed out to the beach to check out the lights.
The houses are just as amazing as the boats.

Can you believe this house and it's dock?
That is an actual snowman in the bottom corner.

I have no idea how they keep a real snowman.
Erica says they pack it in sleeping bags at night, I'm sure they are packing new snow/ice on during the day.

Picnik collage

Their house is decorated top to bottom
and although you can't really see it there is a santa on his sleigh being pulled by reindeer around and around on the roof.

Peanut was pretty impressed :)

Picnik collage

Soon after the boats started passing by.

Peanut liked to wave and dance and was generally impressed with the whole thing.

Besides, I think he just liked being outside and getting to walk around at nighttime.

Picnik collage

This ship was awesome!
A pirates ship with all the bells and whistles and if you look closely you can even see the alligator following, it's mouth opening and closing.

Picnik collage

Afterwards we headed back to the house and ate some more food
and Peanut got a chance to hang out with his friend Mia some more.

He decided that Harlow shouldn't get all of the kisses so he passes some to Mia
as you can see in the video below.

Have you been to the boat parade or do you have something like it by you?


  1. Oh my goodness, your Peanut is the cutest little guy ever! Love the scrunchy no face and the kisses. So sweet!

    Merry Christmas!!!

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