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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas


Our Christmas festivities start on Christmas Eve with 4 pm mass
where we get to watch the kids act out the nativity which is always my favorite part.

This year mass was a bit different as we had a little Peanut who wanted to walk around the whole time.

As we were in the church hall the seating was chairs instead of pews and I was worried that Peanut was going to poke the people in front of us through the slats in the chairs.

He has this habit of lifting your shirt just a bit and poking your skin (or fat).
I believe he learned this from B who likes to the same and poke my skin (or fat).

It didn't help that the man in front of us had a good inch of skin (or fat) showing whenever he sat down.
I was very careful to keep watch of Peanut and make sure that he didn't poke the man's skin (or fat).

Which of course he did the moment I wasn't looking.

I just pretended I didn't know what happened.
I looked the other way.

Is that kind of lying frowned upon in church?

Picnik collage

Peanut had his own tree in his room.
I grew up with one and wanted him to have one too.

He loved it and gave the appreciative WOW whenever we lit it.

And then he pulled it down (as you can see him doing)

Picnik collage

After church we headed to my grandma's house and we were just about done eating and unwrapping presents when I remembered that I didn't get any pictures of Peanut in his holiday finery.

That nice mark on his face is from a head on collision with a rocking horse.
He tripped right before he got to it and his face sort of just slid down the side of it.

It didn't bleed at all but has left a nice scab in it's place.

Picnik collage

Have I mentioned that Peanut loves Christmas?

He loves the lights, the decorations, the parties....he's quite the party animal.


When we got home Peanut went straight to bed while daddy and I stayed up.

We ate Sticky Toffee Pudding, which is now a tradition, exchanged a gift and set up for Christmas morning.

I was completely excited for Peanut to see what Santa brought him
and I'll share more of that with you soon.

Picnik collage

At first all Peanut cared about was his kitchen set (which he went directly to) but eventually we got him to open some other presents.

All we actually bought him was the kitchen set and the rest of the presents under our tree were re-wrapped birthday gifts.

Thanks everyone for the birthday/Christmas presents!


After Christmas morning at our house we went to my parents for the feast to begin!

Picnik collage

My sister Sherri created "A Very Pinterest Christmas" by coming with 
gifts that included diy canvas photos, record bowls, homemade sweets, banana bread
and of course, Christmas photo props!

Picnik collage

The props included everything from elf hats and ears, santa's hat and beard, reindeer antlers, rudolph's nose and any variation on those things that we could come up with.

Picnik collage

I really like Scott's use of the elf ears and Rudolph's nose to create the Yukon Cornelius look.

I'm telling you, every Christmas party should have photo props!

We had lots of fun and all of us were spoiled, especially Peanut.
I'm pretty sure that at this point he thinks every get together is a party just for him.

How was your Christmas?


  1. Oh Christmas was lovely and quiet. We went to Christmas Eve service which was excellent. Cartoon Girl was the only progeny not actually with us but we pulled her up on Skype when it was time to open presents so she could be "with" us.

    Peanut seems very pleased with his kitchen.

  2. loved loved loved this post! you have such a fun & creative family!


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