Saturday, April 16, 2011

Erica's Baby Shower


We just got home from a lovely shower on Balboa Island.  It was absolutley gorgeous today and in the mid-80's at the beach.  I looooove Erica's parents house.

It was packed on Balboa Island today but I made a mental note to head down there during the week.

Picnik collage

Erica had a great co-ed shower with bar and a man making 3 different kinds of tacos.

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of that.  I find that I'm really bad at taking pictures when I have the Peanut by myself. 

Picnik collage

This is Erica and she's due in about 7 weeks.  I love how Peanut perches right on top of her belly.  He can be so sober faced when we are in a crowd.  Smile Peanut!

Look at those cheeks!


Joanne and Mia and sharing a pooping story.  See how animated Joanne's face is? 

That's what we've come to- animated stories about baby poop.


Now there is a boy who will smile for the camera!

Ryan has really found his voice and is doing that screeching thing that Peanut was doing for a while.  It's so adorable.

Regardless of the fact that I didn't take many pictures at the shower I feel triumphant that I managed to get Theresa. :)

Baby sunglasses.

Need I say more?


This is just a shot of Erica's present- it's my first arts and crafts project :)  She's a big fan of owls so I decorated her gift bag at the last minute while Peanut was napping.

Hope you are having a great weekend- we need to head off to bed so we can rest up for brunch in the morning!


  1. You KNOW I'm all about the crafts! LOVE your gift bag---what a hoot! (HA!) So glad you had a fun time~

  2. What a beautiful home- beautiful group of people- beautiful day!

  3. I'm impressed you posted this last night after getting home. I went straight to bed. It was fabulous seeing you and peanut last night. Your owl bag and gift was super cute. xo

  4. Babies galore cute!!!

  5. I can't believe I let you get a picture of me! That's ok, I love this one! Especially since it was taken with my happy boy! It was so great seeing you and Peanut again. He's such a good boy!!!


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