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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Holidays Are for Giving


It's that time of year, full of hustle and bustle and lots of excitement. 

There are parties to go to, wish lists to make, holiday baking, lots of shopping, fantasies about toys and playtime and special trips to see Santa and of course, gifts, gifts, and more gifts. 

Sometimes it's hard to remember that the holidays are also about giving.  

What better way to remind and teach our children then to get them involved 
in giving to these five child-centered Orange County charities:


read the rest of my article HERE

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  1. Your heart is SO sweet! It IS about giving... so incredibly easy to forget. And the hardest thing is to teach that to our kids. But I do think if we put in the effort, they will get it... and it WILL make a difference in the long run. YOu are a GREAT Mama and Peanut is so lucky to have someone like you teaching him.
    Merry Christmas friend!


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