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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas FAIL


The thing about Christmas (or really any holiday, party or event) 
is that it never really all goes as planned.

Take, for instance, this gorgeous reindeer cookie.

While it is obviously very beautiful and delicious looking,
it's not exactly how I saw it here.

Picnik collage

It all started with a problem attaching the antlers.

They wouldn't stay on.  Although it could be because the chocolate wasn't really setting.

There isn't enough space to get the antlers in between the layers of cookie.

We tried forcing it.
We tried adhering it with chocolate.
We tried adding extra peanut butter.

Then we did the only logical thing we could....

Picnik collage

Pull out the drill.

Dad found a drill bit that matched the size of the pretzels and voila!
 Of course, that didn't solve the problem of the ugly chocolate and sad decorating.

Maybe next year reindeer cookies!


The night before last I woke to the sound of something breaking.

B said he thought an ornament fell off the tree and I nodded and started to drift off to sleep.

Then I remembered that I had anchored each ornament on with super glue, 
nails, chains, locks and cement.

You know, just in case some little monster were to pull it down.

When I went to check on it I found...
our tree on the floor!

I'm still mad that I didn't think to take a picture.
I know.  That's a FAIL in itself.

The whole thing just keeled over, base and all.
The floor was covered in water and little bits of pine needles and glass were scattered around.

Some of the ornaments on top broke when they hit the coffee table.

My 2010 swarovski crystal snowflake lost a piece but I think it can be repaired.

The tree is looking a little crazy.  

We have some big holes and it's a little sad
but it makes me laugh whenever I see it. 

Picnik collage

And possibly the most tragic FAIL of all
so far this Christmas 

was the candied bacon fudge that will not be making an appearance.

My first hand at candied bacon failed because I made it on foil 
which is impossible to pull off hardened sugar.

The second time around was incredible. 
You must try candied bacon.
It's dangerous.

Unfortunately, after adding the fudge and layering it with the bacon,
the bacon softened and it got chewy.

Bacon should be crispy.

Is there anything worse than wasting bacon?


  1. Omg. I can't believe your whole tree fell over!!! What a mess.

  2. Oh no! At least you can laugh over it! Hope things go better from now on :)

  3. I understand you Christmas tree pain. I used to have to anchor the tree to the wall as the cats liked to climb up inside it.

    Don't give up on those reindeer cookies!! They are too cute.

    And I am stunned, and not a little hungry, at the thought of candied bacon. I am going to the store today and you KNOW I am going to now be buying bacon.

  4. YOur fails are hysterical. A DRILL??? Seriously? Oh man.. you should write a book.

  5. candied bacon sounds very very dangerous. I'm so sorry about your tree! What in the world caused it to fall I wonder? I'm glad you're able to smile about it. I would probably cry and be a big ol' baby about it.
    Those reindeer cookies still look pretty cute. I love the innovative drill idea. Looks like something Match would do. :-)


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