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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tupperware Guessing Game #2


Can anyone guess what is in this container?


In a previous post  of the tupperware guessing game I mentioned how living with B can result in some very odd food discoveries around the house.  Things like candied baby octopus.


Oh and there was the pig head.  Before being cooked, that thing was cut in half and stored in our freezer.

Most of these things B finds at different asian markets.


I love wandering the market aisles.  There are rows and rows of things that are a complete mystery to me and there are rows and rows of.... soy sauce.

I mean, how many different types of soy sauce can there be?

Has anyone tried all these types of soy sauce?


Oh and the cans of processed meats.  Call me naive... or ignorant... but I had no idea that there were brands beside Spam.  Many, many brands.
Unidentifiable processed meat pressed into loaf.  I'll admit it looks nasty when you open it and glop it onto your plate.  Pan fry it and I can't resist a slice.

I digress... does anyone know what this is?

Here is a clue:  I mentioned in one of those posts that B eats a version of these.

What are you snacking on today?


  1. I have no idea but nowadays I'm hooked on roasted seaweed. Who knew? By the way, when are we going to hang out with Ames? :)

  2. Large sqid??? ,,,and where's Peanut???

  3. Is this some form of pig ear? Does B also eat frog legs? Just wondering... LOL

  4. I'm gonna guess pork rinds! :) My aunt likes those. I find them...interesting.

  5. Oh - and snacking on today - a homemade strawberry-banana smoothie. :) Fresh strawberries, bananas, a bit of milk or half-and-half, a spoon or two of sugar, and whip it all up. Yum.

  6. I don't know!! I mean, it kinda looks like bacon. but I'm thinking that's far too mundane...It's gotta be something like sturgeon genetalia or something. :o) he he he

  7. It looks like some kind of a meat product with red pepper seasoning.

  8. Some kind of pork product. I'm thinking the jowl that's been cooked with something sweet and some dried red peppers.

  9. It looks like the asian version of headcheese. The ones they put on Banh Mi look similar.


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