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Friday, May 6, 2011

Icy Pancake Anyone?


One of the things I love about the asian market are the random products you find that you just can't get anywhere else.

As B was choosing between approximately 294 different kinds of potsticker I was browsing the frozen dessert section.


Who could possible pass up Strawberry Icy Pancake?

It is as it looks, an ice cream sandwich made with pancakes instead of cookie.


They are much lighter than your typical American ice cream sandwich.  The ice cream isn't as sweet or rich and the pancake not nearly as dense as a cookie.

Perfect for a hot day and we've been having a lot of them.


The Peanut wasn't allowed to have one so he opted to chew on his fingers while he complained very loudly.


Any fun or unusual things you like to eat on a hot day?


  1. Ooh, that looks good! I'll have to see if I can get some over here. I've never seen them around before...

  2. well if we ever had any hot days!!!! that actually looks good. i love a shaved ice or popsicles when it's really hot or a frozen margarita. that sounds yummy!!!

  3. Peanut is so cute?

  4. That looks REALLY good!! :) On a hot day I really love a Strawberry Whirl smoothie from Jamba Juice! All fruit, but it tastes like it's got frozen yogurt in it or somethin'. YUM! If I can't get to Jamba Juice, I like large glass of raspberry lemonade.

  5. I wouldn't say it's fun or unusual, but I'm a huge fan of "zaru soba," cold buckwheat noodles. I learned about them during my days of living in Tokyo. Also, mugi-cha, cold barley tea. I've never been a big iced tea fan, but mugi-cha hits the spot on a hot day!

  6. Must.Show.Artist...he's addicted to pancakes and maple you can guess what he would do with one of those!

  7. ohmagosh those looks good!
    i love having a cool glass of water with a tea bag stuck in it. preferably a berry-plum green tea by republic of tea:)

    your little peanut is too cute!


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