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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Filling in the calendar


It's not even summer yet and already the calendar is filling up. Places to go! People to see!

There are so many things I want to do. The area around here really comes alive during the summer. Festivals, activities, concerts in the park, birthday parties and celebrations. Trips to the beach, mommy and me swimming, visits to the pool. Food to try, books to read and adventures to be had.

Everything we do is a new milestone for Peanut.

I'll just have to remember to take the time to just kick back and relax. We'll schedule in some mandatory cuddle time and maybe some family naps.

Do you have any plans for the summer shaping up?


  1. Ohhhh ,,,little feet!!! So cute!!!

  2. Sweet Baby feet, my favorite! Have fun in your adventures! We are off to Sweden mid June to spend some quality time with our Baby! He had cute feet like that long ago! ;-)

  3. My hubby and I are looking forward to harvesting our little garden veggies and making some homemade salsa! :) Our little guy will probably not be walking until Christmas, but he'll definitely start crawling before the summer is out! That'll be fun. I'm looking forward to his first trip to the pool. :)

  4. Just hiding out amongst tall trees. : )

  5. there is just something about summer that screams busy!! I have so many things planned, mostly wedding related events for friends. I also have my 10 year college reunion, plus my grandmother's 75th birthday to look forward to as well. I love summer! :-)
    I was going to say, every new thing is a milestone for Peanut. Meanwhile I'm driving Match crazy with the, "this is our first wedding as a married couple, to this is our first pool party as a married couple." Pretty soon it will be, this is our first silent treatment as a married couple. heheehe.

  6. Time to hang with the cousins (the kids') and the in-laws (mine) again! Can't wait! We might be heading down to the US, but only as far as the Oregon coast, I think. :)

  7. It seems as though you are enjoying every single minute of this delicious baby time. I am so glad. Take care my friend. Know that your peanut is precious and perfect and wonderful. Love, Relyn

  8. Those are some pretty perfect baby toes...I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. :)


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