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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help For Joplin

May 11 284

The thing about the blogosphere is that this great big world of ours is made so much smaller. In the reading of each other's blogs we are brought into each other's lives. We share in each other's daily activities and major life events.

We introduce our friends to each other and more bonds are formed. We speak as if we've met.

When someone celebrates, we share in the joy. When something tragic happens, when it affects a blogging friend it seems to hit home. We aren't just watching the news anymore.

We also get to witness a constant and immediate reaction from the blogosphere.  There is always someone, or a group of people, doing what they can to bring comfort.   It always amazes me.

May 11 315

I'm relieved to hear that blogger friend Sarah (of This Heavenly Life) and her family are OK. Reading her post is a reminder that while life here is business as usual, life there is far, far different.

There are so many bloggers in that area, sharing stories, searching for loved ones, trying to pick up the pieces.

Bigger Picture Blogs is doing an online auction to benefit The Salvation Army in Joplin. It will be going on for the next 2 days if you feel like stopping by.

Whether or not you participate in the auction it would be lovely if you stopped by and left Sarah a kind word.

Let her know that we are all thinking about her, her family, her neighbors and her city.

Pictures taken from Sarah's blog


  1. breaks my heart. it seems like another city is hit every single day. what in the world is going on??

  2. Will do! So sad.

  3. I will visit Sarah. It's heartbreaking, to say the least. Our county in MO is now under another tornado watch for the rest of the day. It's getting too stressful here - I'm moving to another state ;) -Tammy

  4. It is scary business here right now. I am a few hours away from Joplin. We have had a lot of mini touch downs today and had to take shelter at one point. We have been luck considering.


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