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Thursday, July 8, 2010



On Saturday we got together with my brother and his family at my parents house for dinner. He and his wife brought me baby things for Peanut and we asked them a gazillion questions on things from strollers to doctors.

We haven't seen the kids in a couple months and how much they grow in that time always amazes me.


I love how 3 kids raised in the same house, by the same parents can have such different personalities.


B looks forward to spending time playing.

Perhaps I should start working coloring into our date nights.


Josh is very good at entertaining his sister.


They settled in for some quality coloring time.

I didn't get a picture of the page they were coloring but I did notice the boy ended up with bandages that matched the ones on B's arm and leg.


They were occupied for much longer than I expected and I would occasionally sneak in and listen.

I love seeing grown men on little chairs.


Who knew coloring could be so serious? I wonder what they are discussing.


More time playing and getting tickled by grandma


and it's time to get into pajamas.

Don't you just love kids in pajamas?


I'm pretty sure at the end of the night B was just as tired as the kids.

3 kids can exude a whole lotta energy.


Seeing them all together leaves me with absolutely no worries on how B will adapt to fatherhood.

We're at the 6 month mark today! 4 more to go....


  1. I luv the photos where they are coloring! Great Photos! Now and then at our house, when family visits, we will bring out a coloring book. And always some adult joins the kids in serious art work. lol

  2. It is so funny to see grown men color, in a delightfully wonderful way. Watching my Husband transition from Hubby to Hubby/Father was so awesome, too. :) Woohoo for 6 months!

  3. B looks like a natural:) What gorgeous children!

  4. That is so sweet. And I loved when the progeny would run around in the jammies all fresh from the bath. Because they were usually all sweaty and smelled like they had been playing outdoors until then. Which they had been.

  5. I love seeing grown men color, the pool man colored sponge bob for our son and he resides on the back of my son's door in his room, cracks me up! and did B have a bike riding accident?

  6. hooray for coloring!

    Yes, B had a bike riding accident and fell on the same side he banged up a couple months ago.


  7. This is just priceless. There truly is something magical that happens when PJ's are on.

    I still color too! I love seeing how beautiful color can make things become and how whimsical it can all look when you try silly things. Oh to be a kid again. Time to break out the crayons.

    I used to put things like this on my training tables for my corporate training classes too. Crayons, colored markers, and playdoh. People still love it no matter their age.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Such beautiful children. I just want to take a big bite out of that smallest one with her adorable haircut framing her even more adorable face.

    I am such a sucker for seeing a man enjoy children. Yes, B looks like he already has fathering perfected. I'm sure you know just how fortunate you are to have each other as you head down the parenting trail.

    That first year after my daughter was born was the absolute sweetest of my entire life. Something new to experience every single day as you watch them grow and develop. You both have so much to look forward to. Enjoy!


    P.S. Your pregnacy is adorable too and looks so good on you.

  9. There is too much adorableness in this post for me to handle!

  10. Aww, he is gonna be such a good Daddy! Yaay for 6 months. I e-mailed you about the moby wrap with a big explanation on babywearing! :)

  11. Six months!'re in the home stretch now cutie!

  12. hehe, I love seeing grown men in little chairs too. So cute seeing him with the kids. Wow 6 months! You must be getting so excited.

    I miss quiet coloring time. Great date night idea!

  13. There is nothing more darling than seeing your man with children and wondering what he'll be like "when." And of course he will be wonderful as a daddy! I mean, just look at how great he looked sitting on that little chair. That's a dead giveaway right there. LOL

  14. Oh, how adorable are they?! I was going to ask what happened to B, but then I saw your follow-up comment. Was going to assume it was bike-related anyway ;) Be Careful, B! Can't believe you're already this far along, Dawn.. how time flies. Peanut will be here before you know it! -Tammy

  15. Coloring *never* gets old!! :)

  16. Just wait! You think that you love B now....wait until he is holding the baby!


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