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Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcoming Summer


Happy belated Summer Solstice! Last week (in the last official days of Spring) we headed down to Laguna Beach. If you find a parking spot in the neighborhoods you'll notice every so often there are stairs down to all the little beaches and coves.


I love these because at this point they are a lot more private than some of the bigger beaches.


It was about 1 pm and that little blue blanket over there is ours... in a spot all our own.

Last year we never even went to the beach in the summer. Not once. We only live 10 miles away, although it took us 20 minutes to get there this day.

But right now I have the luxury of being off with B on a weekday when we can sneak away and avoid weekend crowds.


I love this particular area because there is a rocky side where we sat....


and a portion of the beach without rocks for a more family-friendly area.

Can you imagine living in one of these houses?! They all have private stairs that lead down to the sand.


If you walk out on the rocks you can explore the tide pools!


I love this shot of this little boy pointing things out in the water. I remember walking the tide pools when I was little.


There are sea anemones that I always have to poke. Have you ever touched an anemone? The tentacles (are they tentacles?) are a bit sticky and they close up when touched.

Please be gentle though, don't batter the poor things.


I noticed B off to the side playing with a blade of sea grass for a while and realized he was teasing this crab.

That crab has quite a grip for such a little thing.

B and Peanut are going to have a great time exploring.


In the next cove over you can rent a kayak. I wonder why I never thought to do these types of things out here? I would jump at the chance to do these things when vacationing.

Then B reminded me that I was worried about sea monsters when we were kayaking in a lake. you know those evil lake sharks. God only knows what my imagination would find in the ocean.


So instead I walked along the rocks and watched the waves wash over.


Each time the water filled the tide pools, covered the rocks and slid over my feet.

Then I stepped into hole and was thankful that I forgot my camera and was using B's. His is waterproof and crush-proof so it won't damage it I smash it. Not that I would do that. B are you reading this?

All those years of ballet.... and no grace to prove it.


I can't wait to go back.

What do you look forward to doing in the next month?


  1. I look forward to:
    *puttering in the garden
    *reading for a whole day at a time (if I can give myself permission)
    *making raspberry jam
    *going to a Cleveland Festival Orchestra concert with HHBL. A date under the stars.
    * having friends come for a visit

  2. I don't have much to really look forward to this Summer actually. Wow, that sounds pathetic once I say it out loud... I better explain. My man might be making an autumn trip to Africa, so we are having to save vacation time/funds for that. I'm not complaining, but I did do a frantic search for anywhere oceanside over the 4th of July last week... (and came up with nothing) It's not good to lay out the calendar for Summer, and have nothing on it, not even swimming lessons for your children because you had no idea if you were going to be living in the same place back in May when the schedule was getting filled up!

    I think I need to go plan a party. Something.

  3. We may be heading off to Colorado next week to visit Honey's sister and mom. His mom got remarried in January and so it will be a really weird visit...with the new step-dad! Crazy. His mom packed up and moved out West to be close to his sister, so it will be a strange one indeed. Just thinking about it...I think I need a nerve pill or something:o

  4. I'm just staying at home and working working working...already had my vacation.. poor me!

    Someday, somehow I'm going to have a house on the beach....lovely pics..

  5. We need to take our punk to the tidepools soon, I think he would get a kick out of all those little critters crawling around! happy weekend!

  6. Looking forward to: Lotsa staying at home, enjoying the farm.. that's fine with me! However...
    those photos are gorgeous, Dawn... makes me almost wish we didn't live *smack dab* in the middle of things. No ocean front property or beautiful beaches here. Maybe I'll take that vacation after all :) -Tammy

  7. Great shots! :)

    We are so looking forward to getting the kids together with their cousins and go blueberry-picking!

  8. I wish I was going to see the ocean this summer. I think I will have to settle for a lake or river. Maybe next year. In the meantime, you keep going for me!

  9. Do you know...

    I've never seen the ocean.

    Well, okay I stood in it once but I was only 5! I don't remember it.

    I lived in Chicago though, and we had our own inland ocean, so I at least know the feeling! :)

  10. I may have wide open fields and forests too but I do not and will not have the ocean in my least not around the old farmhouse. I can smell the saltwater and I love it. Thanks for taking me along.

    Sshhh..if I had to pick, I would take the ocean. Seriously.


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