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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tantalum Restaurant, Long Beach


On Father's Day my parents and I went to Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach.


In the corner of the Marina Pacifica center this restaurant is an exotic little getaway. The restaurant has panoramic views of the bay. You can actually dock a boat outside and follow the walkway in.


I love this wall in the entrance.. there is actually water running down the length of it.


Kobe beef sliders, simple burgers done in the cutest way.


Togarashi rubbed chicken lollipops with sweet potato fries. I'm a big fan of chicken lollipops which are typically drumettes that have been cut so the meat is all pushed to the end. B makes these and they are time intensive but nice to serve as hand-passed appetizers.

I have to also say that these sweet potato fries were fantastic with a touch of cinnamon and the perfect crispiness.


Yakiniku calamari topped with toasted cashews and served with smoked shishito aoili. This was my favorite. Tenderized calamari steak cut into strips, battered and fried. They weren't greasy at all and they just melted in your mouth. The aoili was fantastic.

Shishito peppers (you can see one on top of the calamari) are a Japanese pepper are mild and and thin-skinned.


Baby beet salad with goat cheese and a vanilla bean vinaigrette. This salad was good, I mean it has goat cheese, but I feel like it just needed a kick of something. The dressing was a bit mild for me.


The tuna tartare was my moms favorite. It's packed with flavor and the grain mustard is a perfect pairing. I'll be back to eat one of these after the baby is born.


On your way out don't forget to take a picture in one of these! You'll need more willing subjects than my parents though :)

Which one of these dishes would you have tried?


  1. Sweet potato fries!! Some people go on pub crawls. I'd like to go on a sweet potato fry crawl!! : ) (Yeah, I'm thinking the pub crawl might be healthier!!)

  2. Oh Lordy, baby beet salad. I am not sure I would have gone beyond that, especially as it had goat cheese on it.

  3. The chicken and fries looked amazing, but I'm a fan of calamari, and I bet it was better than anything I've ever had!

  4. Well that's easy...the sliders. I'm not that adventurous with food. Cool restaurant. Love your food posts. That would be a perfect job for you. Food critic...writer...blogger.

  5. That tuna tartare looks so good! I LOVE mustard. Especially when it's grainy.

  6. Okay, I'm pretty sure we don't have anything like this around this neck of the woods. Yum!!!

  7. Just caught up on your posts after being awol for a bit. Praying for you on the job front - there's never a good time for these things to happen, but this must be particularly stressful. Keep going my lovely one and keep enjoying your pregnancy!!! What a blessing! x

  8. I want the Kobe beef sliders. YUM!

  9. I live so close and yet have never gone there. Your pics make me hungry. They should hire you to photograph their food! :)


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