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Monday, June 21, 2010

I love being pregnant.


I'm serious. I loooooooove being pregnant. I think it to myself all the time and thought it would be good to put it out there. That way when I'm in my 8th month and feeling swollen and disgusting and it's hotter than heck you can remind me that I wrote this post.

Actually at this point the nausea and total exhaustion of the first trimester is a distant memory. I think selective memory, when it comes to gestation (and LABOR), is a gift from God. Otherwise I'm not sure anyone would ever do it more than once.

I'm loving the second trimester and my expanding belly. I'm at a seriously comfortable weight and I love not having to worry about my poochy in a bikini. Yes, I wear a bikini and I feel completely comfortable. I mean, I walked around the beach the other day in a bikini. I didn't care what I looked like. It was quite liberating. There weren't that many people out but that's completely besides the point.

I'm not particularly fond of the stretch mark factor though. I had a few small stretch marks on my hips from a growth spurt in high school and I've been studying them. I'm 90% sure they may have grown. Maybe. I think. I've been moisturizing like crazy. I'm not sure it helps but it's really more about peace of mind.

I love the squirmy feeling I get as the baby moves. I love the constant bond already formed and increasing daily. I love the way our marriage has grown and changed and expanded in such a short amount of time. B has been adjusting at such a rapid pace I've been shocked.
I really do love being pregnant. It is everything I had hoped it would be.


  1. Oh I always loved being pregnant, even the nausea stage crazy as that sounds.

  2. Unlike Debbie, I hated the nausea stage-- but loved the rest of it.

  3. I can so identify with you....even though its been several decades since my baby! lol

  4. You are adorable! :) One thing I appreciate about motherhood is that it is very liberating. I was able to deal with post partum weight loss in a whole new light since knowing that it came due to such a precious reason. It's amazing how God can change our thinking if we let him!

  5. You are so adorable. I also love this little glimpse of your home decor- simple and totally lovely. Enjoy! You're one of the cutest pregnant women alive today and blessed beyond belief to have that fast adjusting hubby :)


  6. Oh, I loved being pregnant, too. I've had dream pregnancies both times --no morning sickness at all, no swollen anything, and maximum weight gain of only 14 pounds. I love how "meant to be" every moment being pregnant felt... :)

  7. you are ad-or-able! i hated being pregnant. shame on me. i gained a huge amount of weight and that fact alone made me miserable. my favorite part was just feeling life in me. i loved that. put a mirror under your belly...if you have any stretch marks that is where they are hiding.

  8. Okay pregalicious.

    Here's an article from Real simple on stretch marks. I had them too! Had is a dumb word. I mean I HAVE them. I have so many that I can't wear a binkini anymore. They are even above my belly button. Ech.

  9. you are just darling!! remember these moments, and cherish them...I loved bring pregnant, LOVED IT! I loved having a belly and rubbing it while I walked through the grocery store, I loved getting dolled up and thinking I look good for being 8 months prego in my heels on my way to work! It is the best feeling EVER! hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Sooo sweet! I LOVE your home! The screens behind you, the green & yellow vases--it all looks so clean and beautiful. A stark contrast to mine...:oD

    I had some stretch marks on my thighs from high school. So I thought I was prone to them, but I didn't get a single one with Bug! (Twins a different story, but they were twins and my skin was running for the hills). So maybe you won't get any either!

  11. I loved every minute of being pregnant too. I didn't have morning sickness though I did have some nausea from time to time it never came on up, a blessing for which I was very grateful. I hate throwing up and will do anything to avoid that happening. All in all I felt great through the whole nine months. (peeing got really old, though.)

    By the ninth month the peeing was constant. I would get up in the middle of the night thinking my bladder was exploding and then sit down to a tiny tinkle, tinkle, maybe three drops in all. My husband would hear and yell, "you got up for THAT?" But it had felt like a gallon full before I got up. So infuriating!

    On the stretch marks. I've heard you either have the good kind of stretchy skin or you don't. I'd still moisturize to high heaven because it is very bad to scratch at yourself. The best way to avoid them is to keep your weight down. Gain no more than you have to so the body doesn't have to cope with more expanding than absolutely necessary.

    So glad you are enjoying this time. Participating in a miracle never gets old.


  12. I am so happy and thrilled for you that you're in the stage of your pregnancy that allows you to completely love it. Once morning sickness is gone and the tiredness is acceptable, you can really enjoy all the extra attention you get from everyone.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. You look adorable! Glad that you are feeling better.

  14. You are just the cutest pregnant lady evah! Enjoy it all!

  15. I absolutely agree that I enjoyed every moment of being pregnant! You look radiant, Dawn!!

  16. You are looking BEAUTIFUL!! And good for YOU feeling LIBERATED in a bikini! I never got there myself--I was always so worried about my dang belly button and WHY did it pop out when I have an inny!!! ;)


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