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Monday, February 22, 2010

The view from Seal Beach pier


Right now B and I both have Saturdays off. Typically we plan some kind of an outing mixed in with running some errands. But mostly just outtings.


Although it was still a bit chilly down by the beach (by Southern CA standards) we took a walk down the Seal Beach pier.

I love this pier because of the quaint wood planks. In certain places you can actually feel the waves as they hit the pillars.


We stood and watched the surfers work with whatever waves came their way.


Surfing is an art.


A lifestyle.


A culture.


A passion.


I love surf culture. I've never been a surfer but you can't grow up in Huntington Beach and not be a part of it.


I'd surf but I have a hyper-active imagination that causes me to think that every piece of seaweed is a underwater creature trying to eat me.

If I could surf without having to fall...or put my limbs in the water to paddle...then I might be a pro.


Instead I just dream about living in a house on the beach.


Seal Beach is both beautiful and peaceful.


I love these times before the beaches get too crowded during the summer.


How was your weekend?


  1. Love that area! I haven't been by in a long time!

  2. Beautiful! I don't like swimming in large bodies of water for the said human eating seaweed reasons. (shudders) - love the pic of the gulls!

  3. Lovely! We've stayed nearby some winters in the past. Loved being on the beach.

  4. Gorgeous photos...and yes surfing is a culture in which I love love love to watch...and would love to be in as well, but I too have that sea weed fear! We spent time at the SC pier this weekend too...great weather!

  5. Lovely... you're so blessed to live so close to such beauty!

  6. You're making me MISS living in Orange County!!

  7. Oh those pictures make me want to cry....we have been under cloud cover for 38 days straight now. And along with that we have had the worst air quality in america, no lie. So we bundled up our kids and headed for the mountains in search of a patch of blue, we found a little tiny one.
    ps I tried surfing once, it didn't end well! At all! So I just watch now.

  8. Dawn,

    Love all these pictures and like you, I am afraid of what lurks below that you can't see but feel! Yikes! My favorite picture was the last one! I guess that post is his right, Mine?

    By the way if you get a moment, stop by and join in the 2 book giveaway I am hosting today!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Oh so pretty! Especially the wide blue skies :)

  10. I love looking at the beach photos! Thank you for posting them. I needed it. The snow is starting to melt here but we are going to have flurries the next 3 days:( BOO HOO! I miss Florida.

  11. Such a serene post & beautiful photos! The sky is so blue!!

  12. Well, mine was lovely, but it can't compete with the ocean. I'm feeling a little bit jealous at this moment.

  13. Pretty quiet... but definitely not as WARM as yours..

  14. Enjoy these outings!! That's what I loved most about the time after we just got married and did not have kids yet --i.e., the being able to take off, venture out, and soak up what's on offer, without a care in the world beyond just enjoying the experience together. :)

  15. Whoa! Those are some pics, my girl!

  16. What wonderful photos! Looks like summertime! :o)

  17. My weekend was spent indoors watching the snow and cooking. I am so ready for spring. Great photos! When I retire I plan on having a place (at least part of the time) where I can hear the ocean...

  18. Beautiful photos, Dawn! In my imaginary life, I am a surfer, or a snow boarder. Aren't they just the coolest? I could only handle the boogie board when we were in Hawaii, but I pretended I was a *real* surfer :) You truly live in a great area! -Tammy

  19. I think my first comment disappeared.... we had a lovely sunny weekend and I posted pics. Now today we have flurries, I think I brought some of Canada back to Austin in my suitcase! If you get a chance come check out my belly bump. Hugs, Jennifer

  20. Oh great pics. I love to watch surfers on tv. It amazes me...their lack of fear. I am anti-ocean myself. I'm like you. I will go up to about my knee in the surf and that's it. I am really afraid of what lies beneath. So pretty to look at though:)

  21. Hello! I found your beautiful wedding pictures on Adrienne's blog! Your blue shoes were just STUNNING! =)

    I've never been surfing before but would love to try it someday... of course I would need to get over my fear of possibly drowning haha!

  22. So pretty!! Have you missed me? Cause I've missed you. It's been way too long hasn't it?? Becky and I talked about how much we love you and Jana. We wished you two had been there with us strolling along... cameras in hand, photographing moss. It would have made us so happy. Just wanted you to know. We decided we should have our own little Becky-Sasha Blissdom. But just not invite the world.

  23. wow. beautiful photos. what a wonderful trip. i have never surfed. we always visit the gulf side of florida and there are no big waves there.


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