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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The talented Adrienne Gunde

DawnCraig  0394

who was our photographer (with the help of her boyfriend Scott) has blogged about our wedding.

I'm still not done reveling in the excitement. I hope you don't mind.

I'm married! You'll have to excuse me, I'm still having those OMG we're married moments. I wonder how long they will last...

DawnCraig  0937

I loved each and every one of the nearly 1200 pictures Adrienne sent me. I'm proud to call Adrienne a friend now as well. She is just pure sweetness and I know you'll love her blog.

DawnCraig  1125

What are you waiting for? See the post HERE!


  1. I still have those moments! It's lovely to still be amazed and excited at being married to a great man! xxx

  2. Your pictures are fantastic! Thanks for your sweet comment about me looking good and yeah... I know it is like I have a basketball on my tummy, although I was whiny with hubby the other day and said something like "you try strappping on a 20 lb. bowling ball and trying to take care of 2 energetic kids and the house and see how it feels...and this is why my back hurts!" Its all worth it though. I'm headed over to see the pics and blog post by Adrienne. Have a wonderful wednesday!

  3. I just love your wedding photos! She did a fantastic job of taking them, but you know, ya'll did a fantastic job of looking smokin' HOTT! ;)

  4. What a beautiful wedding! Those are some wonderful pictures!

  5. They are GORGEOUS!

    Okay we have to get down to business here. Craig? Not "Bernard" or "Bruce" or "Brian" or "Bradley" or "Bryant" or "Buckeroo?"


    You have to say why you call him "B"... you just have to! Please explain. I swear I've been calling him "Buddyo" in my head all this time...

  6. Dawn,

    Those OMG moments will live with you throughout your entire time you and B stay together and that should be forever! I love all these beautiful pictures and the last one is my all time fav!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. oh I can never get tired of looking at wedding photos....simply gorgeous, and my hope for you is that this feeling NEVER wears off sweet girl!

  8. What fun seeing your wedding photos again! And what fun to be featured on the photog's blog! As for the photos posted here...I love the last very fun!

  9. Your marriage will be sweeter if you make sure to have those moments for the rest of your lives together. Never take for granted the happiness you are experiencing now. Don't let little hurts build up as they can easily block the feelings of love that are so precious. That is the reason for the saying to never go to bed angry at each other.

    Sorry for the lecture. It's just so wonderful to see a young couple so happy and in love with each other. I don't ever want you to lose that sweetness. May you always be as happy with each other as you are today.


  10. Dawn, you are too sweet! I'm so so happy our paths crossed and feel so honored to have been there to document such a beautiful & special day. You & Craig deserve all the happiness in the world! xo

  11. Oh my!! Amazing!! I feel like I was there. And can I tell you how thrilled I am that "my" quote was one she photographed!! So I was there in spirit!! Beautiful!!

  12. 1200 photos!!! Holy cow that's a lot of photos. I can't imagine how great they were. Loved the ones I've seen so far. Your wedding was an EVENT:)

  13. Oh my gosh! Yes! That girl is soooo talented ...

    But look what she had to work with! ;->

  14. Awww, just simply gorgeous. Love looking at your pics, you should be a wedding planner, you did a beautiful job with yours.

  15. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I felt like I was there. Your wedding was so so beautiful. Those reception pictures-I stopped breathing too looking through the pics. Your escort card table was incredible!! I'm very tempted to have you come up here and help me plan the rest of my wedding! ;-)

  16. From the photos you've posted you can tell she's an amazing photographer.


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