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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Ceremony

DawnCraig  0413

Its been a month since I blogged about the wedding... but since its the month of love... and because LMM asked me too...because you really twisted my arm.

I suppose I'll post a few, ahem, several pictures of the ceremony.

DawnCraig  0433

I could do a whole post on the vintage jewelry I had on between the 2 "costume changes".

DawnCraig  0447

This is Jordyn, B's niece. Isn't she beautiful? She totally took charge and made sure the others were where they needed to be.

DawnCraig  0455

B and his parents. I wish I could have seen them walk down the aisle!

DawnCraig  0464

My mom and B's best man.

DawnCraig  0469

Here our moms are lighting the two candles signifying each of our families. Later in the ceremony we will take those two and light the unity candle together as a symbol of our union.

DawnCraig  0470

Funny story. Originally my mom and B's mom both purchased the exact same jacket for the wedding. I was describing what my mom was wearing to B's mom and she thought it sounded really familiar! So my mom wore a jacket that she already had that went perfectly with the color scheme and B's mom kept the jacket they almost both wore.

Actually in the end I think they're outfits still looked like they coordinated. It cracks me up. I couldn't have planned it any better :)

DawnCraig  0485

Oh the ringbearers. Little boys are hilarious.

DawnCraig  0488

Look at her face light up when she sees her mom and her sister!

DawnCraig  0454

And look at her sister smiling right back.

DawnCraig  0490

DawnCraig  0495

This was before I gave up and just lifted my dress.

DawnCraig  0506

DawnCraig  0524

DawnCraig  0525

I love this picture of our cute shoes :)

I know all you ladies who don't wear shoes are probably thinking I'm crazy. But I wore those things for the entire day/night except for maybe the last half hour. They are way more comfy than they look.

DawnCraig  0560

Oh the vows. I get choked up just thinking about it.

DawnCraig  0561

As soon as I started to speak the tears started.

DawnCraig  0566

I'm laughing because Fr. Bill was giving us very specific hand holding instructions and I was getting confused.

DawnCraig  0571

We made it! This was sweet.

DawnCraig  0570

But this was better.

DawnCraig  0595

Presenting of the flowers to our moms and general hugging of parents :)

DawnCraig  0586

Meanwhile the cantor is singing Ave Maria and I wasn't the only one crying.

DawnCraig  0598

I've known Fr. Bill my whole life and he was perfect for our ceremony. He also married my parents. He made sure to personalize the prayers and include blessings on B's bikes, good trail and great weather for riding.

Completely won over the groomsmen, thats for sure.

DawnCraig  0603

The tossing of the pillows.

You don't remember the tossing of the pillows in the traditional wedding ceremony?

Fr. Bill leaned over and told them he would give a dollar to the one who threw the pillow the furthest.

DawnCraig  0607

The boys weren't so sure they wouldn't get in trouble. I mean who gets to throw things in church? So I started them off and threw the first pillow.

DawnCraig  0612

B, what is that expression?

That must be B's ecstatic face.

DawnCraig  0637

Happy mom.

DawnCraig  0617

Happy me.

It was so much more than I could ever have imagined.

How did I ever get to be so lucky?

Did your wedding ceremony go smoothly?

~All pictures taken by Adrienne Gunde


  1. What a lovely, lovely ceremony!! I love your little brown ring bearer cushions and your far-from-traditional footwear. You wanted eclectic but coordinated (I forgot your exact words) and you pulled it off superbly. :)

    Isn't it great to have someone officiate your wedding who has known you/the family for a long time? Fr. M was Chris' priest at his First Communion --all the way back in Malaysia, --and when he learned that we were getting married in Vancouver, he extended his stay with Chris' parents so that he could officiate.

  2. Beautiful, memorable, touching, fun ceremony! You looked gorgeous!
    At our son, J's wedding, the mother of the bride and I had the very same color and style of dress with just a smidge of differences! So funny when we saw each other before the wedding!
    Beautiful mothers you and B have!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, girl! I love how everything was captured in such a personal way. I think it's too cool that the same guy married your parents, very neat. My Grandpa was part of our wedding (he married my parents) and that was really special! I agree, your Momma's are beautiful ladies!

  4. I love this post!
    The photo of him wiping your tears is so beautiful! You looked stunning and your shoes were great!.

    Yay for weddings :)

  5. Your families are just too cute.

    Love the one of your dad walking you down the aisle.

    I waddled down the aisle because my dress was too long. The wedding video is hilarious:)

    We skipped the whole flowers to parents thing... I couldn't emotionally handle that!

  6. Thanks for the sweet peek into your most special day! LOVE the shoes!I just told my daughter that it's TIME to find the sassy shoes---so fun. I love this trend!

  7. AHH! I cried AGAIN. I am amazed by how beautiful and elegant that dress is, but even more by your sweet face. You are really gorgeous! The shoes rocked! I loved B's tie too! I keep staring, it might be awkward but I dont care.

  8. What a beautiful ceremony! How could you make us wait sooo long? LOL! Loved it! My favorite picture is of you throwing the pillow. And your moms are both gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us :) -Tammy

  9. So glad Sasha asked you yesterday to write more about your wedding :) Beyond stunning :)

  10. I loved your idea for blue shoes so much that I just bought some for my wedding in July :)

    Your ceremony was beautiful!

  11. I'm so HAPPY right now!!! Wedding photo craving, now filled. Ahhh, bliss. You are the prettiest bride I've ever seen. And I've seen brides baby. Lots and lots of em. You two are so in love and I think it's amazing how you combined love and FUN into your ceremony! And those shoes... Oh heavens... those shoes are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing girl! You are the bestest! :)

  12. So Beautiful Dandy, wow...everything looks so perfect, you are one lucky girl!! love your dress and shoes and your hair, need I say more?!!

  13. Okay I totally teared up at B wiping tears off your cheeks because oh my gawd.

    You guys are so lovely together. Congrats again!!

  14. These are just amazing!! My favorite is the shoes. I wish we would have done something like that. Here is a post I did about my wedding:
    Oh and that b&w pic of your mom smiling at the end... beautiful!!!

  15. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I love posts like these. You are just stunning and I can see all the emotions of love, joy, excitement. It just warms my heart! Your mom is fantastically beautiful and the outfit story is too funny!

  16. So sweet! I'm glad you shared these pictures with us. You look beautiful! I teared up seeing the picture of B wiping a tear from your cheek. It's too much! ;)

  17. Dawn,

    Such beautiful pictures! I must say the one thing I regret with my second wedding is we opted for the quick court ceremony so I never got to see my hubby dressed to the nines in a tux. Someday perhaps when we do a renewal of vows.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. I'm not sure which picture was the most emotional but it was like being right there in the middle of the ceremony. I don't want to sound corny but I've never seen a couple so perfect for one another than you and B. Seriously. The ceremony was mixed with sentimentality, humor, beauty and romance and spiritual significance....perfect!

  19. I had to hold back tears! The pictures so captured the moments. Wonderful. I agree, the wiping of your tear-lovely, sweet, precious. And the black and white of your mom at the end is gorgeous! You look amazing in every single no one could take your smile away. :)
    As to your question...we moved our wedding up 8 months and my parents were NOT PLEASED. The six weeks that were left to do everything were NOT FUN. But the wedding day...went beautifully. It was a blessing. Even my mom smiled all day. :)

  20. What a fun and wonderful ceremony! Congrats! And... I think the shoes are to die for!! :P)

  21. About 15 years ago I flew with my mother from Missouri to California for her grandson's wedding.
    The day of the wedding the bride's grandmother and the groom grandmother (my Mom) both showed up at the church in the exact same dress, same color, and probably the same size!
    sometimes it's a small world.
    Love your pictures and your blog!

  22. May I just reiterate how much I love the blue shoes? You look beautiful, happy day!

  23. Gah! So gorgeous (you)!!! The ceremony looks perfect and you just look sooo happy (that's the most important thing right?)

  24. Oh gosh Dawn, an absolutely gorgeous bride! wedding went smooth. My flower girl though she didn't like the crash so she walked on the side of it, it was cute.

  25. Wow! Beautiful shots. Did you feel as beautiful as you looked. And those shoes were an awesome touch.

  26. Have I told you yet how beautiful you are? And how very much I love your shoes?? As gorgeous as everything was and as much as I LOVE those polka dot pillows, my favorite picture is of B's parents. Look at them. Look! They are delighted. You, my friend, couldn't ask for me. Yeah!

  27. Once again I am teary eyed after one of your posts. Your ceremony looks so beautiful. You looked beautiful and so happy!

    I'm hoping I can get through my ceremony. I'm terrified of falling down!! :-)

  28. Hi, Dawn - Thank you for posting the photos. They really capture the spirit of the day and the love that you and Craig (sorry, I just can't call him "B") share. My funny walking-down-the-aisle story: I had both my mom & dad walking down with me. We got married outdoors and had this gauzy aisle runner (but had not used the "astroturf" runner that the venue could have provided). Well, now I know why people use heels kept poking into the runner and when I pulled my heel out the runner came up too! So for most of the way down the aisle I had to walk on just the soles of my feet and not put my heels down!

  29. Congrats! How wonderful and how beautiful - wishing you Love, Luck & Laughter!!

    -SouffleBombay aka Colleen


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