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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fergburger, Queenstown


Let's talk burgers. I think Americans in general have a great love for burgers but I have to say that Fergburger in Queenstown may be one of my favorite burger joints. Don't get me wrong, I will always love In N Out.

But Fergburger is like no other burger place I've been to. Their menu is inspiring and fun...and funny.

I first noticed this place because every single time we walked by the store or even the street you could see a line of people. Thats quite impressive considering they are open 21 hours a day and in an area surrounded by restaurants.


Fergburger uses all local ingredients. The meat comes from Al the butcher and the buns are made specifically for them from a local bakery. The buns are huge.

What I love about this place are the options. The Big Al includes 2 beef patties, bacon, 2 eggs and all the fixin's, including beet which seems common in NZ.

The Little Lamby is a lamb patty with mint jelly, the Sweet Bambi wild venison with a thai plum chutney.


If you like chicken you can choose from a varitey of Cockadoodle burgers. Like fish? Well then you can order The Codfather!

For the very few of my blog readers that are vegetarian (how can you ever stomach my posts? thank you for staying)...The Holier Than Thou. Tempura tofu with spicy satay coconut and corainder sauce.

Don't let the prices throw you off. $12 NZD is about $8 USD and I think these burgers are well worth $8.


This place is a well oiled machine. There was a line out the door and the restaurant was packed. Still all the employees genuinely looked like they were having fun. It works like an assebly line but a few of them seemed to be rotating stations.

Around Fergburger are pictures of the staff and when they worked there. Everyone was young and energetic. You could just tell it was the cool place to work.


They seemed to be very staff focused, which I love. It's evident on the Fergburger website. You must head over there and read the history of Fergburger. Its hilarious and its only a few short paragraphs.

I read some articles on them and found that they had originally been in a tiny hole in the wall place in 2001 with 2 Warehouse stoves (Warehouse is similar to Walmart). They saw a need for some good late night eats and started Fergburger.

"As there was virtually no food back in those days drunk people had begun eating their own clothes and also scraps of firewood left on the road."- from the Fergburger website.


Just look at the size of those patties! Some have bacon, jelly, blue cheese, swiss cheese, brie or edam on them.

Oh and the place was so clean. We sat right on the counter looking into the kitchen. When there was a spill someone came by to clean it up. Things were being wiped down constantly. Not that I'm all that squeamish (as you can see from this Chinese Restaurant) typically but I was really impressed.


This shot is a slightly blurry because I took it as I was spilling one of my patties onto my lap.

I had the Bun Laden with falafel, lemon yoghurt, chipotle chili sauce, cucumber, avocado and the normal lettuce, tomato and green onion. It was amazing. I mean the burger is literally larger than my hand with all my fingers spread. The real treat in this was the chipotle chili sauce and I'll totally be adding that to burgers in the future.

I could barely finish this. I mean, I did, but it was hard.


B had the Fergburger because he really is a burger purist. I know... didn't you totally expect him to get the Sweet Bambi or something? Its just your basic burger. I will say that the meat was very flavorful.

He doesn't even get cheese. I try to ignore this fact. I know we all make poor decisions sometimes and I try to be a forgiving person.

I really want to start experimenting with burger combinations now.

How do you like your burger? Are your favorites homemade or do you have a place you love to get them at?


  1. Yummy! Too bad it's too far to drive for lunch.

  2. Those look delicious!! And such funny names!

  3. wow, i love litlle local burger places...oh, and of course mr.b didn't get the sweet bambi, he knew you would announce his choice to the world...not that we judge or anything! hehehe

  4. Wow, you're making me hungry!! But, oh no, NOT the sweet bambi! We normally have venison in our freezer, but I just couldn't eat it if someone called it by 'that' name.. LOL! I'm so silly :) Your choice looks perfect.. yum! -Tammy

  5. What a fun place to go eat!!! I wanna go. Dangit! Showing all these place I'll never get to in my lifetime;)

    I wouldn't be too brave or daring. I'd just get a cheeseburger with toppings like lettuce, onion and tomato. Pretty boring next to your wild concoction. BTW I'm starving NOW!

  6. Oh Mama! I am so hungry right now. You may have come up with the perfect combo!

  7. I LOVE the names --so quirky! I'm not sure if I could eat Sweet Bambi, though. I could just imagine those doe eyes pleading... gotta stop!!

    I love my burger with a big juicy beef patty, melted Swiss cheesed, mushrooms, tomatoes...and bacon! :)

  8. I just ate dinner, and this literally has be craving a burger! I think a cheeseburger is just about the greatest thing ever. We have a place called Red Robin here in OK, and they offer a wide variety of burgers. I would totally eat what you had! I always get avocado on my burgers, as an extra. I could probably eat avocados with anything, though. I simply adore them.

  9. our faves are always handmade, we make all kinds of weird combos, and stuff burger patties for fun too. But really I just want to go there from now on...why do you do this to me?

  10. What an unique place! I love it when people serve great food and are so clever, too! YOu know ... You guys could open a franchise in LA!!!

    Tony and B are two of a kind. Tony also is a purist ... just the hamburger, please with the standard condiments. Is that why he's stuck around with me for so long??

  11. Oh my mouth is watering!!!!!!!! Yum!

  12. The bun laden looks really yummy, I love falafel, but this northern girl would really like to try that southern swine! Was the avocado yummy? I think I can taste it now!

  13. YUM! I would order the Codfather just for the name alone. My favorite burger is at a pub near us called the Black and Blu. It's got tons of bleu cheese and pepper. It's bigger than my head! A close second would be the turkey burgers Match makes, slathered with bbq sauce and sometimes even banana. It sounds weird but it's amazing.

  14. Oh, Dandy. I have some serious catching up to do. Lately I've had a bad case of the Februaries and am so far behind on visiting my friends. So far behind on everything, really. This is just a drive by comment and I'll be back soon to really read and "chat." But for now I just wanted to stop by and wish you and Bthe happiest of heart days. Today, may you know how very much you are loved. Happy Valentine's Day.

  15. We have a place here called Goldie's and the burgers are so delicious that I get mine medium rare and eat it meat, bun, and cheese and NOTHING ELSE. Can you imagine? No mayo, or mustard, or lettuce, tomato, nothing but meat, cheese, and bun. The meat is seasoned with something I've never been able to duplicate and is about 1/2 inch thick and so juicy and full of flavor that I don't want it mucked up with other flavors. Truly the best burgers in the world. They are family owned and you can't get them anywhere else but here. Sorry.



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