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Friday, February 19, 2010

Marmalade Cafe, Tustin


Any seafood lovers out there?

A couple of weekends ago we had a hard time finding a place to eat. Weird right? The area we were in was mostly huge chain restaurants, or maybe we were feeling indecisive. We chose a restaurant from a magazine we wanted to try, drove 20 minutes to find its dinner only. I could tell B was getting antsy. I thought of another restaurant and remembered that years before in San Juan Capistrano I had been there and they served their bloody marys with crab claws in them!

B was sold. We drove 15 minutes to get there.


Only apparently this wasn't the same restaurant chain. Apparently I had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently there were no luscious crab claw bloody marys. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat and started throwing out suggestions of things he'd like.

It worked.

Thankfully Marmalade Cafe had a big selection. We started with the Chardonnay steamed New Zealand Mussels (hey, those look familiar) and Manila Clams. Actually B ate the mussels and I ate the cheese bread dipped in the chardonnay lemon garlic broth.


One can never have too much cheese covered bread dipped in broth so I went with a cup of french onion soup as well.

This leads me to a very unfortunate memory of a vegetarian friend who never knew her favorite soup was made of....BEEF stock. I just don't think it would be the same with vegetable stock, although I've never tried it.


I had crab on the brain. I love crab. Its my most favoritest seafood. I think.

This is the roasted beet salad with crumbled blue cheese, fresh tomatoes, candied walnuts with a lemon champagne vinaigrete. They have lots of options to have added to your salad. Things like chicken, top sirloin, salmon, seared ahi, shrimp, etc.


King crab, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

For the record this is not a seafood specific restaurant, Marmalade Cafe offers a wide range of choices. However, they aren't inexpensive. I think when it comes to dinner the prices are fine.


B really enjoyed the BLTA with sweet potato fries and aoili for dipping. I secretly hoped he would get the Reuben but you know, I didn't want to push it and tell him what to get.

You must tread softly when you drag a man all over Orange County looking at estate sales all morning (did I forget to mention that?) and then spend 30 minutes looking for a restaurant that doesn't exist.

Once settled in we had a great lunch. But now I want a Reuben. What is your favorite sandwich?


  1. The crab looks really yummy!!

    I'm not really a sandwich kinda gal... I don't even know what a Reuben is (gotta Google)! :)

  2. looks delicious, may be worth the trip over the windy 74 for food that looks that good :)
    Favorite sandwich is a french dip!

  3. I just love looking at your pictures. Totally awesome.

  4. I should not read your blog before having breakfast! The BLTA would be just what I need right now. Yum.

  5. YUM! ..and it is only 7am.. :)

    D, stop by my blog, I have left an award there for you-LOVE your blog.

  6. Don't you love mistakes like that???

  7. *thud* before I read a word. That first pic? I was talking to my mom about having that tonight. UGH. And then the salad? and the soup with the ahhh!!! I am so hungry right now. We were just saying that you cant get fresh seafood out here. I could cry.

    I got you covered on the rueben, I will make them when you come next year. We can fall over and die together then. And we can walk around the house as the roast is cooking. And we can eat like I dunno something else while we are waiting!

  8. That first photo is superb.

    Favorite sandwich? Tomato, basil and mozzarella. Definitely.

  9. Oh my, that salad looks WONDERFUL. I wish my hubby was a seafood man, we'd be eating it all the time!

  10. I don't even like seafood...but you photos sure make it look good.

  11. Now I know this is probably indiciative of an unhealthy obsession with food, but your posts always make me feel better when I'm feelin' blue.

    Mmmmm, french onion soup!

  12. That place sounds great!! I love mexican food so anything that serves chips beans and rice, I am all over it!!

  13. If I had been there, I would have looked at what you ordered and merely added, "I'll have the same!" Looks yummy.
    As for estate sales...Waaaahh, I wish I had been there for certain!

  14. I really love sandwiches! All kinds but I don't make them at home. I love them from sandwich shops. I have a favorite place in Georgia where we use to live and I go there every time I go back there to visit. Yummy.

  15. I am currently reading The School of Essential Ingredients (wonderful, by the way) and they just cooked crab. You have me in a double longing.


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