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Friday, November 13, 2009

Rum Balls!


You can use rum or bourbon for these. I feel like I should honor my Puerto Rican heritage by loading these with rum. I love them. Make them a few days before you use them because I think they taste better after the alcohol soaks in and mellows a bit.


Its a well loved recipe. I can barely decipher what it says. In fact, once I read vanilla and thought it was vanilla cake mix and ended up with some funky balls.

Funky rum balls. This is a family friendly site people. Its supposed to be vanilla wafers not vanilla cake mix. Now I'm just rambling.


This is another super simple recipe. Mix 1 cup of ground walnuts, 1 cup of ground vanilla wafers, 1 cup of powdered sugar, 2 tbs cocoa, 1 1/2 tbs corn syrup, 1/4 cup of rum, roll into balls, roll in whatever you are using to coat them.

Grind up some walnuts! You need 1 cup.


It'll look like this!


Do the same for the vanilla wafers. I like to pick out the big chunks and eat them. It takes longer to get the 1 cup but I believe its worth the time.
I love Nilla wafers.


Dump that in the bowl too. Add in 2 tablespoons of cocoa and 1 cup of powdered sugar.
If you happen to forget the powdered sugar ~ahem~ until you taste the mix, like some people, go ahead and add it when you remember. Otherwise now is the time to add it.


1 1/2 tablespoons of corn syrup go in there. (Sorry LMM, not that you make a habit of feeding your kids rum balls)


1/4 cup of rum!


Mix, mix, mix and it will look like this.
I may or may not have added more than 1/4 cup of alcohol in the past. Just make sure you give your mix (the crushed nilla wafers) a moment to soak in the liquid.

See, they need to be able to come together into little balls.
I apologize in advance for the next picture.


I wasn't going to show you this.... but this is what I do with the mix in order to make it easier to separate into the balls.
I press all the crumbles into a roll, a log, a tube of sorts. ~giggle~ Then I just brake off the end piece and roll it in my palms.
I know, I know.


Drop a ball into the powdered sugar and roll to coat.

I stacked them in a tin lined with saran wrap and threw them in the freezer. They'll be good for a couple of months. Take them out a few days before you want to eat them and let them defrost.
Variation: Roll these in nonpareils, sanding sugar or other festive sprinkles to add a nice color to your trays or display. I prefer to do this if I remember to get the nonpareils. Just make sure to press them in when you roll the rum balls around.


  1. My abuelo used to make these all the time! I love them :)

  2. Any idea of a UK equivalent to vanilla wafers? Are they just very plain biscuits/cookies? What's the texture like? xxx

  3. I'll take a dozen, thank you ... and that's just for today!

  4. I had no idea how easy there were either. And these would make a nice goodie gift basket. I'm gonna quote Jana's boy TJ, "nobody touch my balls!" hee hee snicker! I suggested to Alice to use walkers shortbread and add more vanilla???

  5. And now I want rum balls for breakfast. Thank you.
    Seriously, thank you!

  6. Are you actually eating all of these goodies that you have been making lately?? I hear wedding bells in the near future... knowing you that would be shocking. You must have some amazing will power:)

  7. Yum - love some rum balls.

    (Thought I was on PW's site for a moment - great tutorial!)

  8. whew, balls, nuts, yipes! round these here parts those words get us in all kinds of trouble, boys can be so immature, especially when they are 4 and 7, haha, orbs works quite nicely for me! This recipe looks AMAZING though, rum and me are good friends, we don't get together very often but we always pick up where we left off....=D

  9. Orbs! I forgot!

    I am eating those cookies but just a little taste and they go straight into the freezer. Its the dough I'm after...

  10. These look yummy---ONLY 22 days! YIKES!!! How cool is that?

  11. Dawn,
    I'm sure you are paper craned out but check out these adorable Christmas tree decorations on Zakka Life.
    Whee! Squealing with delight!!!

  12. LOL, as soon as I saw the title of your post I knew this was going to be a good one!

    Um, I was wondering if you thought any about shipping cookie trays? Just wondering. :)

    Happy Friday!

  13. Love rum balls! My late mother-in-law made these and, sadly, I never got her recipe for them. I will try yours! Thanks! -Tammy

  14. Hahha! YOu are so funny. I was snickering thru the whole post.


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