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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm all grown up. I think. Almost. Not really.


I had to do a quick wedding dress fitting at my parents house before we took it to the cleaners/tailors for some minor changes and a good deep clean. It should be ready by Wednesday. I like to live on the edge like that. I'll tell you more when I have the strength.

Of course, I didn't have my 4 inch blue suede heels with me, so I stole my moms shoes. Her feet are a just slightly larger than mine and I felt no need to take off my socks. Its a beautiful bridal look. I think socks and peep toes are going to be the next big thing. I run around in socks a lot.


Apparently being 30 years old and about to be married does not make one too mature for wearing Easter socks. Easter socks in November. If you look closely you'll see that those are chocolate Easter bunnies with an ear bitten off.

I do love chocolate. I almost forgot... have you entered my giveaway?

10 days and counting......


  1. TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good plan on trying on your dress for a final check - wish I had. Got to the day and my knickers showed THROUGH the dress. You should have seen Dave's face when I told him I didn't have underwear on! I felt like the rudest bride on the planet.

  2. LOVE the socks. And the fact that your mom was wearing those shoes is awesome (speaking as a future mother of the bride).

  3. 10 days??!!! You must be joking.
    I love the socks. Have you ever seen the comic of the two easter bunnies, it looks a lot like your socks. One bunny has his ears bitten off, like yours, and the other has a huge chunk missing out of his rear end. He tells the other bunny, "My butt hurts", the other bunny says, "Pardon?"

  4. You are sooo great!! What fun to be in easter/chocolate bunny socks with red shoes that are too big while trying on your dress!

    Is the dress originally yours or did it a family heirloom?

    10 days!

  5. Oh my Alice you are a racy little thing!

    The dress is new and its been a fiasco of sorts but it should come thru OK! Its ivory silk satin but it really borders a champagne color.

    Love my moms shoes.

  6. If I can wear my valentines day socks in November, you can wear your Easter ones! 10 more days! Howe exciting!!!

  7. 10 days...really?? I cannot wait to see that dress, like the whole thing! Are you just freaking out? Love the socks, and I totally think bunnies can be worn year round..!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. 10 days!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your wedding. I wish I could be there, standing outside the church and peaking inside. I'm sure it will be sooo lovely.

  9. Oh if I could just be a little mouse in the corner or fly on the wall. I'd love to see you walk down that aisle...not in your Easter socks though!! Just 10 more days:)

  10. I was flipping through a J.Crew catalog the other day and lots of the pictures had models in colorful knee-high socks and peep-toe heels. Not that they look anything like real-life people in any way, but I'm just saying... you could be at the top of the fashion curve. :)

  11. Make sure you set an extra alarm clock, mine did not got off on my wedding day. Not a good idea to sleep in! Wow 10 more days. Love your fashion sense darliing!!!

  12. You are my soul sister, I believe. I still wear Christmas socks year round ... in Florida! Where most people never wear socks anyway. But, my Meemaw gave them to me. Who am I to turn my nose up at perfectly suitable gifts? EXACTLY!! Can't wait to see the rest of that dress!!

  13. I wear Halloween socks in July! There is never a wrong time for festive socks.

    I love those pictures of you in girlie socks, in your mom's heels, in a wedding dress. It's like you're bridging this gap between girlhood and womanhood... it's very evocative in regards to what you're embarking on with B. Not like you're not already a woman but... you get what I mean.

    I think you should use them as the cover art for thank you cards. That is my 2 cents for the day. :)

    10 DAYS OMFG! I'm so excited for you! (And how did the dress come out?! Does the seamstress need a beating? Just say the word.)

  14. You crack me up! What a perfect picture. I could swear that was Sloane in my shoes.

  15. Those socks are priceless!

    Lets talk about your mom....CLASSY! Love the shoes!

    I bet you are excited! I am excited for you!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  16. AH!! A glimpse of THE DRESS. I'm in suspense. :o)

  17. I've been all over this place tonight. BUT. I haven't yet done what I set out to do. I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is bound to be crazy and I didn't want the holiday to pass without me wishing you the happiest, most delicious Thanksgiving ever.

  18. You are TOO cute!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  19. I bet you're all kinds of bittersweet for your mom, as she watches you try on a wedding gown, wearing her own shoes like a little girl playing dressup...sweet pics, fun pics.
    I always wear socks.
    Except on the beach.

  20. That is so stinkin cute!! I thought that was a a photo of a little girl in her mother's shoes... Oh wait! It WAS!!! We always need our mama's how ever old we get don't we???

  21. 10 days? I'm so excited for you! And love the socks. You don't want to know what freaky prints my socks have, and I'm 36 :)

  22. Too cute! I love that you thought to take this photo. Fun Fun.


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