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Wednesday, November 4, 2009



2 1/2 weeks ago B and I were running around checking things off the never-ending wedding to do list. Its was the middle of October and 99 degrees. Where is autumn?

In all fairness its cooled down considerably. It was only 90 in LA yesterday.

All we really wanted to do was head down to the beach and catch the sunset.


We live about 10 miles from the coast. Its a nice drive through the canyon down to Laguna Beach.

Then we saw this. I immediately rolled down the window to see if I could smell smoke.


My first thought was that we were driving into a wildfire. But all I could smell was the scent of the ocean. God, thank you for that damp ocean smell.

We realized it was the fog! I can't remember the last time I saw it roll in that thickly.


By the way, B was the one taking the pictures. Don't judge me, I'm a responsible driver! :)

We knew the coast would be thick with fog but I'm stubborn and we headed down anyway.


At first my camera was freaking out. The auto focus was having a hard time.


So I switched it to manual. I am quite the photographer.

This is pretty realistic though. Its closer to what things looked like.


Some fiddling around and some super fantastic "rock stabilization procedures" and I got this.

The light you see is a boat out on the water. I keep wondering what things look like from their perspective. Floating on the ocean in nothing but fog.


This spot is very special. You see that stretch of rock out there. The one under the light on the right side.

If you walk along the sand on that beach and climb up onto the rock you can get out onto the little peninsula.

That, my friends, is where B proposed.

I'll tell ya the story sometime. Its not all sunshine and roses... but its all B.. thats for sure.


  1. can't believe that's fog - it's so scary looking! I love the coast in extreme weather. There's nothing like a battering storm while you're on the beach!

  2. Beautiful! The pictures of the fog as you were driving are pretty cool. But don't complain about the temp! This morning it is a whopping 29F at my house.

  3. Ahhhhhh! Can't wait to hear that story of B's proposal!

    99 degrees? OMG! You have got to be kidding! That is too hot for October! What is the average October temperatures? We actually had November in October this year. It was much cooler than normal with record breaking rains!

    Great pics of the fog and the ocean ... I also have quite a few of the black photos like you took!

    Write that proposal story soon!!!!

  4. I love the "rock stabalization." I use the car or truck for that once in awhile! Beautiful fog shots. We've been foggy here, too. It rolls off the river--so it isn't nearly as widespread or thick!

  5. Great photos! I would never judge; photography at the wheel...uhm, guilty?


  6. Very pretty, I imagine that fog rolling in is quite a sight. Now, we all want to hear the story!

  7. Wow, very pretty! Very serene feel. Can't wait to hear the proposal story.

  8. proposal stories YAY!!! the fog looks crazy I have never seen it like that before!

  9. That manual picture was great btw, and so were the others! loved the boat on the water!!

  10. Awwww... what a fantastic place for a proposal :) The fog pictures are all wonderful, and the boat light pics rock! -Tammy

  11. Great pics....and such a romantic spot for a proposal! Can't wait to hear the story!

  12. As both J and Z would say, "I want to hear it now, now, NOW!" Can't wait to hear how B proposed. :)

  13. That is a nice cliff hanger... Now what am I supposed to do while I wait? Educate children or something?

  14. Beautiful pictures! I would love love love to be proposed to at the beach. It's always been a dream of mine. Looking forward to hearing the story of how B proposed someday!

  15. Love this post! Very cool to see a different place than here...cornfields and lakes. Don't get me wrong I love here, but it's nice to escape. What a special spot you have to remember forever.

  16. Ahhh- love.

    I thought it was fire too!

    Enjoyed the blackout, as well as the fog. *wink*

  17. I love stories!! Don't wait to long. :)

  18. Your fog photos reminded me of the time I lived in Orange County some umpteen years ago. One night the fog rolled in so thick we could hardly see our feet using a flashlight. You could cut it with a butter knife, it was so thick.

  19. Girl that fog was crazy huh? I had to explain to my 2.5 year old what it was...FOG...try explaining that to a 2.5 year old! :) Gorgeous photos...I too wonder what the view looks like on that little boat teetering on the ocean. Now, please endulge us with your story, thank you!

  20. I am so jealous of where you live. I am jealous of the weather. I am jealous that you live so close to the beach. Can you see I am green with envy? LOL Great pictures by the way.


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