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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Only YOU can prevent Paper Paranoia


I'd like to think I've created a little space here on the great interwebs that is honest and fun. I decided a while ago I wanted it to be positive. I wanted this blog to be a way for me to recognize and document the wonderful things that happen in my life.

I'd like to put my best side on this blog but sometimes things get ugly.

Sometimes I turn into "that girl" or in this case "that bride" and I feel the need to admit it to all of you. Many of you may recall me saying that wedding planning gets pretty crazy. I mean, it really is pretty insane sometimes. I always joked that noone is going to care how the napkin is folded... or which of the 1,973 shades of white we need to use.

I thought I would be the exception. I thought I was different. But then it happened to me.


Yesterday I went to the store to get paper for the wedding. Specifically, paper to print the menus on. I had already gotten samples of paper and let Shawna the event designer (yes, the event designer/florist who is decorating for the reception) chose which one she wanted. She had sent me to the store to get paper that wasn't white and wasn't ivory but something in between. How difficult can that be, I so innocently thought. It took me like 10 trips to different stores. You see the white is too white and the ivory is to yellow will clash with the snow and crystals. The more I type the crazier it sounds.

The paper we decided on is called Texturized Pearlized Porcelain and no they don't have it in cardstock. Happy with the decision I was off to purchase it.

I went in to grab the paper and realized there wasn't enough. I started looking thru the other bins and found ~gasp~ Pearlized Pearl which is almost exactly the same as the Texturized Pearlized Porcelain only without the texture.


Now my invitations are pearlized with no texture but we really liked the texture but the non-textured would match better but the pearlized pearl was shinier and the textured is harder to print on.

I decided I would take both because I would still be short paper and would have to come back to steal their stash again. But then they told me that they could order whichever one I wanted.

I was paralyzed. Which one?! Texture, no texture, porcelain, pearl. I was screaming inside. I mean, what if I make the wrong decision? What if I get both and half the table gets textured pearlized porcelain and half the table pearlized pearl. The room started to spin and I had to hold onto something steady. OK maybe it didn't but I just kept walking around staring at these two sheets of paper.

I called my mom. Twice. I have no idea why because clearly she can't see what I am looking at. AAAAAHHHHH! Who I am and what has the world come to?

I took a sample and told them I would call with my order.


I went home and left the paper in the car. I just can't have them staring at me.... questioning me... a testament to the lack of decision making I am plagued with. Believe me, I know how this all sounds. People have actual problems and I am paralyzed by paper.

I worked out.... hard. I went to sleep and dreamt that I didn't have a dress for the wedding and wore a white skirt and navy blue blazer and I forgot to have my hair done, my veil was crooked and we were getting married in the back of the church while everyone else was facing the altar and we had the reception in the parking lot.

But I feel much better today. I mean, how realistic can this all be? I don't even own a navy blue blazer.

People actually plan weddings for a living?


  1. I read this and laughed and thought it could be me. But I'd never admit to it. Non-textured pearlized porcelain, I say. I'm only going by the names here. Have you checked which looks better with your mascara?

  2. Brilliant glimpse into your head, here :) I was getting frantic just reading it!

    Rest assured, each half of the tables will be so enamored of the beautiful couple that they'll forget to carefully scrutinize their menus for textural differences, I'm sure.

  3. Oh my dear, it may get worse before it gets better. Take a deep breath and maybe take another. Just remember, it's not how you tie the knot but that you tie it, that matters most.


  4. my wedding is over and I still have nightmares that there isnt enough food...the day of, I totally turned into bridezilla, I never thought it was possible...I made everyone of my invites different though, that solved that problem, but menus...I would be doing the same thing...I hope the decision becomes apparent...I love the texture but I think I would opt for smooth where printing is involved...I cannot wait to see pics, we had a winter wedding too!

  5. How about sending an email invite and the menu. Voila--no need for paper. I'm of a practical mind. You see why I could never be a wedding planner, can't you?!!

    Just Breathe

  6. In my quilting days I bought a lot more quilt fabric when stores were small. When the fabric selection approached thousands of bolts of fab, it became almost impossible for me to make up my mind what to buy.

    And I'll tell you this about the invites...process of elimination helps in choosing...but when all is said and done, the guests will be all eyes on you. They'll definitely enjoy the loveliness of the wedding itself, the decos, the arrangements, all the details, but it is you (and presumably the groom as well) that they will be totally in love with. (I like the advice that Mise gave in the first comment.)

  7. OK, while I am never happy to hear when you're stressed out, that post has seriously had me laughing for ages just imagining. You are hysterical and I am sure you will pick the perfect paper. Speaking of paper, I need an update on the cranes. Please. They pop into my head at the most random moment, wondering how they are coming along :)

  8. You will look at this one day and laugh and laugh. Leading up to the wedding is one of the craziest times ever. And your day will be fabulous. And if people are questioning your decision about the paper for the menus instead of looking at you in all your lovely brideness, then...well, maybe they don't get to eat!

  9. Okay ... breathe in .... breathe out ... breathe in .... breathe out .... :)

  10. I say, close your eyes and whichever one your finger touches is the one that you'll go with. The thing is that you like both of them so it's a win win situation, right?

    Everything is going to be just fine. Just breathe...enjoy this.

    I am getting so excited for you!

  11. I know all about the paper nightmare. I did use Envelopements for the invites on my blog. I am a dealer/designer for them. If you used Envelopements paper for your wedding and want matching paper or cardstock for other things, I'd be happy to order it for you through Envelopements. I think I can even drop ship directly to you. I swim in a sea of paper on occasion, and wait, just wait till it gets a little closer... The dreams (nightmares) get worse.

  12. Dear Dawn,
    I can totally see how this paper thing would freak you out. It would me. The devil is in the details, isn't it? And a wedding is made up of all kinds of details.
    But you'll figure it out.
    Get those shoulders down from your neck. Loosen those fingers ... Imagine yourself in New Zealand with B on some romantic beach.

    And you know if you freak out over something ... It's OK.

  13. ahh, its all normal :) i just finished with the madness that was my brother and best friends wedding last friday night. She was telling me that when i get married, i should pick a color that isn't so subjective. she picked eggplant as her color and every friggin' store has a different version of eggplant!!! =S

    Pearlized Porcelain? theres such a thing?!?! haha!

    hang in there girl.. when your big day comes, all these crazy little details will be worth it! :)

  14. Oh man, I remember it well. You're not losing your mind - totally. It's paper that most people (honestly) will not keep or remember. They're menus. So just chill, pick one and know that all whites are in the same family. Unless of course it's cream then that's not white, it's cream. You're sucking me in sistah...

    Of course, I can say that now with the wisdom of one who already lost their mind over what finish of ribbon to use on arrangements that were basically in the dark because it was a candle light service. Go figure.

    But guess what? We got married (and still are). We had fun.

  15. i can let you borrow my blue blazer if you like ?
    poor you, i couldn't stand being giving so many choices .,
    thanks for your comment on mine ,you can move into my
    corner can be your happy place

  16. Hahha! you are so funny!! Only 26 more days of insanity. Hang in there.
    PS Not to be all anti-Disney or anything, but to make you feel better, dreams really hardly ever come true. :O) HA!

  17. It is sooo overwhelming. Take a deep breath and repeat after doesn't matter...I will be beautiful...I will marry the man of my one cares about that stuff.

  18. I like what Becky said. She's right, you know! :)

  19. Wedding planning is fun until you hit the wall of decision-making. Suddenly what used to be fun is now "don't-care-it's-fine" territory. I used to work as a wedding vendor and saw it all the time -- and even experienced it myself.

    Just remember that in the majority of cases, you can't actually choose WRONG, just different. And so long as your goal is still to get married over "having a wedding," you'll be just fine.


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