Friday, August 5, 2011

A Peanut goes to the beach


Last weekend we headed down to Laguna Beach to my new favorite spot, Aliso Beach.

It's my favorite because you can park and walk a short distance to the water vs. some of the other beaches that require stairs or hikes.

You just can't do hikes with the 150 things you need to bring for an entire day at the beach with kids.

As we walked up asked B if he remembered when going to the beach meant grabbing our towels.

The 2 ladies next to us started cracking up and they were friends for the rest of the day.  
Their kids are a bit older and they were having a girls weekend.


Peanut is already eager to check out this sand stuff.

By the way, this umbrella/tent thing totally rocked.  
You need shade with a baby and I don't like the umbrellas that have to be upright.
This umbrella tacks down on the corners so you aren't fighting a collapsing umbrella in the wind.

Thanks mom... I still owe you for this one!


You just never know how babies are going to feel about the sand.

What is that?
Isn't it weird?

Picnik collage

He loved it! 
He would grab handfuls, lift his arms and watch the sand run thru his fingers.

Shake those hands!

Picnik collage

He was all over the place.

At least I had Jordyn, the baby-wrangler.

She also made our lunches and kept tabs on her brother.

And helped me make baby food.


We took Peanut down to the water and he was fascinated by the waves.


Oh man, the water was cold!

The first couple of times the water came up, he just watched it swirl around his feet.

Then he got wise and lifted his feet whenever it washed near him.

Picnik collage

His cousins were nice enough to bring up buckets of water that warmed in the sun.

He splashed and splashed until he was drenched.

He was a little confused by the taste of the water when it splashed all over his face.

Picnik collage

Alex is showing him how to play with the sand.

That must be Peanut's official sand-shakin' face.


Phew, playing at the beach is hard work.


Living the good life.


  1. Oh!! The first picture and the last picture are my favorites! That umbrella is really cool. Looks like such a fun day!

  2. I took my little grandson to Fl last year and it was a blast watching him discover the ocean!

  3. Great photos! Loved reading this post, felt like I was there too... wish I was there

  4. Oh that Peanut face gets me every time. He is pure bliss.

  5. You are so lucky that he doesn't like to eat the sand. My friend Couple Wife's baby just kept stuffing her face full of the stuff last time we went, ewww!
    Peanut is so adorable. Love the pictures and how nice to have had the baby wrangler to help you! ;-)


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