Wednesday, August 31, 2011

April's Shower & Baby Emery

Picnik collage

I just couldn't wait until the end of this post to show you little baby Emery... hello cutie pie.

Picnik collage

In July I went to April's baby shower and it was adorable.

I love the tables pushed together to make one big square, it was perfect for talking to each other.

They did a really fantastic job with the little details and it was a perfect day outside.

Picnik collage

I'm not sure what was yummier, the food or this little one.

Best behaved baby ever.

Something about him really reminded me of Peanut.

Picnik collage

I had the chocolate chocolate cupcake and it was fantastic.. I must find out where these came from!

I love the sprinkles and toppings around the edges.

Picnik collage

This is April about a month before she was due.

Can you believe it?

At that point I looked like I might explode.

She just looks adorable.

Picnik collage

Although Kelly has 3 kids of her own, this little binky isn't hers.


This is little Ivy!  Remember her from here?

Picnik collage

Last week, I finally got to meet baby Emery.

She is the sweetest thing.

Oh how I love her little feet and her soft hair.


And momma April looks incredible, no?

You'd seriously never know she had a baby.
Or that she's actually had 2 babies.

I can hardly believe Peanut was ever that small.
Actually, he wasn't that small.
She is just a tiny bit smaller than he was when he was born.


It sort of gives me baby fever.

And then we have another sleepless night over here and I take it all back.

For now, I'll just have to see Emery more often, so I can love on her instead.


  1. Mmm...babies and cupcakes, is there anything better? Sleepless nights over here, as well. I'm sure our Supermom badges are in the mail. ;)

  2. you are in such a sweet stage in life right now. can't even remember the last baby i got to hold or smell. enjoy every second. btw your friend looked gorgeous pregnant!

  3. Such a beautiful shower! All of my friends and I seem to be having boys. LOTS of boys. I'd just die to hold something pink - shop for something pink, and (ONE DAY) dress someone of my own, in pink! (Other than my boys intrendy boyish pink T's!)


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