Saturday, August 6, 2011



Do you remember what it was like to be so carefree?

To stand at the ocean's edge, 
daring the waves to come get you,
laughing into the roar of the sea,
being so completely full of summer.

Picnik collage

B took these photos and so perfectly captured the moments.

Seeing them made me think about so many summer days.

It's been so long since I thought about times in grade school and the adventures we had.



PS.. Since I already had a few messages after posting this picture on Facebook.  
We used a stock lens 18-55mm.
I think part of the beauty of this shot is the exposure.  I had the exposure set pretty high for pictures in the shade and forgot to adjust it before handing the camera off to B.
Honestly, it was so bright we couldn't see the screen to tell if the shots were turning out anyway.

And B is a natural with a camera.  His shots always come out good.


  1. Loving the beach photos!
    (I'm stuck in Iowa fog this morning. lol)

  2. "Full of summer". Ah, yes, I totally remember feeling that. Being a kid is so great. The photos are gorgeous--I love the brightness and those brilliant aquas colors. Oh, and your model is too cute!

  3. Great photos and there is nothing better than being at the beach. Absolutely nothing!


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