Monday, August 23, 2010

Gestational Diabetes


Yup, I gots it.

Gestational Diabetes is diabetes that only occurs during pregnancy. It affects between 2% and 7% of all pregnancies, therefore I have it. You know how I like to be in those low percentiles.

We're not exactly sure why gestational diabetes occurs. Sometimes the placenta gives off a hormone impeding insulin production or the action of the insulin. Sometimes we just don't produce enough insulin. Did you know pregnant women should create 3 times the normal amount of insulin? Basically it has to do with my body's inability to break down glucose, even in very normal levels.

It needs to be controlled because it's not good for baby or mama and left untreated can have some very negative effects over both our lifetimes.

What now? We're going to try and control it with diet and exercise. I have to journal everything I put into my mouth and I'm doing that fun finger pricking 8 times a day to test my glucose level.


8 times a day! Hopefully they'll knock that number down in the coming weeks. It's not really painful but you are pricking your finger enough to draw blood and it just doesn't feel natural. You know? I've found that I have to load the little pen and click it right away because if I hesitate with it against my finger I could take forever. Eventually I hope to stop flinching during the process. You would think that doing this 8 times a day would get me used to it real fast.


I'll meet with the diabetes counselor once a week to go over my food journal and my glucose levels and I go into the obgyn twice a week (from now until Peanut comes) to monitor the baby. I get to sit in a chair and do a non-stress test among other things. I will not be bringing B with me as he was with me for the first non-stress test and he made me laugh.. and then I got the giggles... and then I was laughing so hard I was crying. The nurse actually came back in because the monitors were making such a loud noise and my test went all haywire from my belly jiggling while I gasped for air.

So that's where we are. My diet is actually not changing too drastically besides the elimination of dessert. I pretty much already follow most of the guidelines. Oh and the fact that I can't have fruit or milk for breakfast which really throws me off. I've never counted carbs before so it's been really interesting.

I'm pretty sure I can't have any more bacon-wrapped chocolate-covered oreos. Or chocolate-chipotle brownies. Or all you can eat pasta. Or cheese biscuits.

Or Frostings cupcakes which I have had a mean craving for.

Oddly enough I feel like baking. It's comforting and I did it all during weight watchers too. I have no idea why. So, if you live in the area you can expect some treats because they certainly can't stay here!

Now go out and have something sweet and/or full of carbs for me. Please and thank you.


  1. I ALWAYS cook when I'm stressed or working on a problem... it's soothing and relaxing. I love it. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this though. That's not very fun!! It will pass really quickly though.. you're on the downward slope.

  2. Oh man. I'm so sorry to hear that. I have a few friends who've had that but I know you'll find creative healthy ways to feed those cravings. Added bonus having a chef for a husband!

    Hang in there!

  3. Oh bless you, Dawn. That's no fun. Glad they picked it up though. I was meant to go to hospital for a glucose test with Jemima-instead I went and had her! Not sure why they wanted to test me when I was 2 days overdue!! Hope all goes smoothly from here. Keep going,

  4. GD is no fun at all! But at least it's temporary! I've had to start journaling my diet, too, not because of GD, but because my midwife says I need to slow down the weight gain. How impertinent.

  5. Ack! Say it ain't so! Two of my co-workers managed it just fine. I'm trust that you will be on your best behavior and do what you're told ;) Be careful!! Hugs, Tammy

  6. Well now that just bites! No pun intended there. But at least you know this will not last forever. And you can just think about all the things that will be out there waiting for you to eat when the little progeny arrives.

  7. Awww, that's no fair! But in the long run, it's only for a little while until Peanut makes his grand entrance. Hang in there.

  8. Oh poo! Well we know its all well worth it. As for the goodies I will do my best to eat as much as I can. It will be hard cause Im starting my nutrition lifestyle change today ok maybe tomorrow. Either way I will think of you when I do go all out on the carbs... they are my comfort! :)

  9. Aw I'm sorry to hear that. One of my good friends had the same thing and she struggled with the diet. But after baby you should be able to go right back to those yummy desserts! So at least it's not permanent!!! Knowing you-you'll come up with some delicious gestational diabetes friendly recipes that we'll all want to cook up! :-)

  10. Sorry to hear that. I have no doubt you'll be fine. I would HATE pricking my finger 8 TIMES a day though. That's nuts. I wish I lived close. I'd take some of your yummy treats:)

  11. This may be a rock in the middle of the road (or somethin' like that!) but I know that you have the determination to get through it wisely! I'm cheering you on!

  12. The GD kind of stinks, but it is actually not too hard after you learn how to handle it. I had it with 3 of my 6, and it got easier to manage as time went on. The pokes do get easier!! I promise! I even ended up having to give myself injections, and amazingly, they got easier too!! Hang in there!! The best part is--you get a beautiful baby at the end, and can have all the sweets you want at the end too! :-)

  13. Dawn,

    We'll be praying for you that God will stabilize your sugar levels. I know with all that amazing food you are probably craving it doesn't help to have to pass it up. Just think when Peanut arrives, you can go back to all your favorites.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  14. Sorry to hear you have GD... that sucks. But you're in the final stretch already, so just hang in there and before you know it, it's "GD what?" and Peanut will be here already! :)

  15. Oh, I am sorry to hear this. But, i love that your sense of humor and lack of panic are still in tact. Girlfriend, you've got great equanimity. I love that about you.

  16. Ug what a pain in the ass. Well at least you know it's only temporary, right?!

    As so many have said, you can go back to normal soon. Just think of all that lovely Christmas food you're going to get to enjoy, and nearly guilt-free since you'll have been practically fasting all this time!

    Good timing, Peanut! Not even borned yet and already taking care of yer ma. :)

  17. you will be just fine my dear, I had it too! the whole pricking the finger thing stinks, but you actually don't gain that much weight which in the end is a bonus, and it teaches you to eat healthier, so do what they say and you and baby will be just fine!!! good luck!!

  18. 8 times a day!!! Holy cow that's a lot. But you sound like a real trooper. During the IVF process, I could not get used to the belly shots--they were just a bee sting, but I would sit around hesitating, procrastinating, stare at the needle for a while, go do something else for two minutes, you know, general, fret and avoidance techniques! It was ridiculous! Good for you for just going for it! It's really the only way. :o)

  19. Oh wow---so, so sorry. What a sweet, matter of fact attitude you have here--- praying all will go well until the end---


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