Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nicole's Baby Shower


This shower for baby Ella was just full of sweet details at every turn. The cake matched the invitation completely and I love the doilies that have been turned into cones filled with chocolate chex mix off to the side.


The present table was overflowing with the most precious baby girl things you've ever seen.

Just look at that gorgeous quilt underneath.


These name tages were adorable! Layers of streamers made into circles with the perfect little accents for each person.


Even the dogs matched the decor. I didn't get a picture of her brother Buckley who sported what may have been a bow tie.


Lovely roses in tones of pink, peach, yellow and white in vases of sliced lemons and oranges.


I loved these tissue paper poofs. Inspired by a Martha Stewart kit, these were floating everywhere. They were all over the back yard hanging from the pergola and the trees. It created such a sweet ambiance.

I tracked down a tutorial HERE. Your welcome. Now we just need to find a reason to make a bunch of these and put them around.


Croissant sandwiches (oh how I love croissant), fresh fruit, different salads and cheeses. Oh and somehow I missed pictures of the cookies. Simple circular soft sugar cookies frosted in colors that matched the decor.


I how simple the hanging tissue circles were. Nicole likes simplicity and this had such impact.


The decorations were all made by Nicole's sister-in-law and I think she did such an amazing job.


The only man at the shower was Liam my other cousins boy. Adorable, no?


Opening gifts in front of a group of people always makes me a bit uncomfortable but I do love watching someone else open baby gifts.

This quilt, oh my, handmade and there is a bright polka dot pattern on the other side. I will never understand the patience and talent of quilters.


Nicole is a graphic designer and very stylish. She likes simple and modern. Her nursery is going to be more Scandinavian in design (I do hope she'll share pictures) and she is really not into the whole frilly girly stuff.


This little top came from a friend and really seemed her style.


But what I was really looking forward to, was seeing her open presents like this. I mean, it's a baby shower for a little girl- you are just bound to get foofy dresses!

She thought this would be perfect for Ella's wedding.

Just look at her expression.


Then the little Tinkerbell costume came out and I was laughing so hard my camera was shaking. I absolutely love this outfit. I really do. It came from my mom and we both knew Nicole would just die when she opened it. Receipt in the bag.... but I almost stole it from her just to keep.

I've never seen anyone get so much baby clothes. What is it about little girls that make you want to buy the whole store?


  1. Wow! I love all the decorations! So cute! Oh and its's much easier to buy gifts for a baby girl :)

  2. LOVE the cake, and the decor was awesome. Little girl clothes are dangerous, if I do say so myself. Totally new experience!

  3. How pretty, the quilts are beautiful, I love the one on the table, and those flowers in the vase of lemons and oranges...very clever and very country, you know I love it!

  4. Awww I miss those days. That was so fun. All my friends are either done with having babies or are on their 3rd one and don't need any more stuff.

    That cake was so cool and I LOVED the bouquet of flowers with the oranges. That was a brilliant idea!!

  5. What a beautiful shower!!! Love all the decor and cute outfits.
    After 2 boys, I'm excited to get anything PINK and GIRLY!
    I'm sure you are going to have an amazing shower too. Boy stuff is fun. It's come such a long way.

  6. Looks so fun! I often want to buy Tristan a lot of boy clothes--the airplane stuff really gets me, but you are so right--a girl just lights the shoppin' fire underneath ya!
    The decorations were really beautiful!! I wish I had an event coming up that I could steal the ideas for! The cake was amazing! I love the fondant shapes. Beautiful.

  7. Oh, and the quilt undeneath the gifts! ADORABLE!

  8. I LOVE this. I am a total sucker for a good baby shower. Especially when there's a cuddly baby to pass around along with it!! And I have made a gazillion of those tissue ball puff things for Ava's birthday parties. I love them. I just kept them in her room until they had gathered a lot of dust... then I sadly threw them out.

    I've been really absent this week! Eek!

  9. Dawn,

    What truly easy yet elegant decorations for this shower and how beautiful it all turned out. I love the colors and just how simple it all turned out.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Baby showers are such a great thing. I wish we had them here in Germany...

    The quilt is just lovely!

  11. How cute...I guess it's just easier to buy for girls when you are a girl! I know I just relate to my little granddaughters in a way that's different than I do my sweet little grandson. I love all of them with all of my heart, just in different ways!

  12. Very cute! I love the colors. I am also a big fan of the tissue pom poms. I am going to make some of them for a shower I am throwing for my sister-in-law. My favorite was the hanging tissue circles. I have not seen that before. How did she make those?

  13. Okay now I want to throw someone a babyshower.
    This shower looked and sounded legendary!!!

  14. Adorable! Everything! Absolutely adorable! From the decorations to the food to the presents to the clothes to the baby mama... all are so cute! What a lucky little girl!

  15. Oh I love the decorations! And that CAKE-too precious. My good friend is about to have a baby girl and I can't wait to go shopping for her shower. I'm pretty sure I'm going to want to buy the whole store too. LOVE that tinkerbell costume, soo cute.

  16. Oh so sweet, this is such a wonderful welcome for little Ella. Everything is decorated perfectly! Awesome job! I'm truly impressed! I'll keep it in mind for my sister's shower sometime in the future? Anyway, I love the photos you shared! Thanks so much! :)

  17. It really doesn't get better when they get older! And oh, my goodness the amount of toys and STUFF they have. Out of control! Oh, wait that's my little girl.

  18. All the pictures are so adorable! That little Tinkerbell outfit is so cute. I am sure your little angel will look super cute in this outfit.


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