Monday, August 16, 2010

Eye on the prize


This photo makes me laugh. She is so focused. She wants that Cheerio. She needs that Cheerio.

What is it with kids and Cheerios?

Lots going on around here this week. We've taken hospital tours and need to make a decision on where to deliver. Apparently not all hospitals provide private postpartum rooms and the thought of B only being able to come by during visiting hours makes me cringe.

We started the baby's room and I've been framing pictures and posters for the walls. We put the crib together and I've just been staring at it. Just staring.

There is baby stuff in our apartment. Baby stuff! OMG we're going to have a baby. Ha!

Coming up are posts on a bridal shower (long overdue) and a wedding!

How was your weekend?


  1. Too stinkin' cute! I know, we're counting down the weeks here, too! I can't believe how unprepared I am. I have a bassinet to wash, clothes to wash, cloth diapers to prep, rooms to organize. Ahhhhhhhh!
    Our weekend was nice and relaxing, and it only hit high's in the 90's. Woot!

  2. Girly, I want to see some baby room photos soon!!!

  3. Same here-you can't tell us you decorated the baby room without pictures!! How exciting! I bet that crib really makes it all feel real.
    My weekend consisted of escort card making and wedding dress pickup and relaxing before all the craziness that's happening the next few weeks!

  4. Oh she is cuter than a bugs ear! (such a midwestern saying.) We went to see Yo Yo Ma on Saturday.....and it was just OK which is so disappointing I can tell you.

  5. I can't wait to see the baby's room! I'm so excited!!

  6. She is so cute!!
    We were lucky to get private rooms where Jeff could spend the night both deliveries. It really is better that way! But I was in the hospital 4 nights with the twins and Jeff slept at home 3 of those nights and it was fine. So if it ends up having to be that way, it'll be okay! But I know with your first, it's daunting to think of your husband being away.


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