Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leftover Cheese Biscuits


Noone told me that I would have to give up soft cheeses like blue cheese during my pregnancy. 9 months is awfully long to give up such loves in my life.

Actually we made these biscuits and my then-unknown unborn child was exposed to this kind of excess. But it doesn't count because I didn't know I was pregnant yet.


Basically we used up all the extra cheese we had (hence the name leftover cheese). This included a very creamy St. Agur blue, Gruyere, Romano and possibly Brie. I can't quite remember if there was brie. Add a few pats of butter cut into squares and melt in your preheated oven.

Swirl it around a bit and envision the artery clogging bliss.


Break out the can of biscuits and pop it open. I like to flinch when I open my can. Every time. It's like I don't know it's going to pop.

The cheesey buttery mixture just coats the bottom of the tin but you want to rub your biscuit in it and flip it over.


Then simply bake according to package instructions.

I used reduced fat biscuits here! I really did, it's all I buy and it seem hilarious when you make them like this.


The biscuits bake and then you flip them onto a plate. The hard cheese make a nice crust on the bottom and they smell divine.


I won't make these again unless we are with a group. I could literally eat the entire tin.

For the record, I can't button any of my pants because I'm pregnant. Not because of these biscuits. ~cough~ Yeah, thats right, its the pregnancy.

Oh blue cheese, how I miss you so.


  1. Oh my goodness. That looks amazing. I'm curious what you are gonna crave being pregnant. You have quite the palate anyway. Should be interesting:)

  2. I do the same thing with canned biscuits. I just don't like the suspense. I would think you could eat the cheese so long as it was cooked in your biscuits, but I'm no docta...

  3. Those look really tasty! And again congrats!!

  4. OMG, I love these!

    For my first pregnancy, I was off chips (my absolute love!), no soft drinks, no sushi, everything absolutely as healthy as could be. With Z, I had chips and maybe a can or two of Coke.... :)

  5. OHHHHH, I think I have all the ingredients to do this. But I am curious as to why all the lovely soft cheeses are a no-no when pregnant. Evidently I missed the memo when I was preggers with the progeny. But that was a LONG time ago.

  6. These sound so good and pretty easy too!! oh I feel so bad you have to give up your beloved cheese but I feel it is for a good reason...I had gestational diabetes, image everything I had to give up during pregnancy, yeah I am still bitter about it! but I got a pretty cool little gift at the end! xo

  7. I have good news for you!!! As long as the soft cheeses are pasteurized(and they usually are here in America), they're okay!!! Just check the label. I'm definitely trying this recipe. It looks AMAZING!-Holly

  8. oh my goodness.. okay wow.. seriously... drool alert. hahaha! I LOVE CHEESE! and AHH!!!! clearly i havn't been here in a while cus YOU'RE PREGNANT!??! congratulations!!! that is great news!

  9. We plan to have kids in a few years, so I am eating as much soft cheese, runny eggs, and sushi and drinking as much as possible to prepare for when I have to give those things up. Siiiiigh.

  10. I had a list going of things I planned to eat when I was done being pregnant!

    And yes, you get to blame your unbuttoned pants on the baby. FOREVER. It's just another bonus!

  11. Dawn,

    I've got a great recommendation for an OB GYN in the Orange area of California if your interested. The man is truly amazing.

    Enjoy your biscuits, they are worth being savored and loved. Never seen them cooked this way but love how they turned out.

    P.S. I flinch when you have to open those pop top cans of biscuits. Whenever possible, I have Steve do it.

    Love you and wishing you and B a very blessed Easter as a family!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. If I were you, I wouldn't eat ice cream or chocolate either for 9 months. Just In Case.

  13. Oh yum. Oh my. Oh yum. I think I'm in love. YES!!

  14. Blue cheese and gorgonzola were two things I found very hard to live without while I was pregnant. I wanted salads all the time with pears and gorgonzola. But I could only have it with pears. SIGH. The things I do for my kids. HA!!

  15. Sigh, I miss soft cheese especially goat cheese. Mmmm, goat chese quesadillas! This looks divine and I'll be making it shortly after my bun comes out, I will justify the cheesey buttery goodness as nursing will help me shed the weight...right??? ;)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Wow this is amazing...cheese and biscuits= the perfect combination. When I first saw this recipe I was so amazed that I forgot to comment! Now I'm back (after telling my mom and friends about it) and just wanted to tell you that I love this recipe. Also everyone I told thought it sounded really too! OK, at this point I think I should stop...because this is starting to sound like I'm obsessed with the biscuits, but really, who wouldn't be?

    (see? I'm so disoriented right now, I can't even spell!)


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