Monday, August 9, 2010

Bubbling, babbling


Still round the corner there may wait,

A new road or a secret gate.

-J.R.R. Tolkien

I've been up for hours with excitement for the new adventures we're about to have. You just never know what waits just around the next corner. My mind is running a mile a minute, so I apologize for the jibberish you are about to read. I've been thinking about a jumble of things I'm looking forward to in the coming months.

This time of year I always think about the holiday season and how much I love it. I've been fantasizing about baking for fall. All of a sudden I have an eagerness to start putting together Peanut's room. Its just an empty slate right now. Call it nesting but do you know I actually made a pillow the other day? Made it.

I've started brain-storming cookie recipes for various events. I'm presently perfecting an almond joy bar. Yesterday I actually jumped up and down about what it will be like to celebrate the coming Christmases with a little one. B just laughs and shakes his head. I'm a spaz.

The apartment is in a constant state of momentary perfect cleanliness and utter disaster. It seems as soon as something gets cleaned I find another project or memory box or stack of inspirational magazine clippings that need to be spread across the floor and furniture. When B comes home I proudly announce that the entire apartment was clean. Just check under the clutter and you won't find a trace of dust!

I have lists everywhere. Lists of lists. I'm trying to focus my energy on one project at a time but that is so much easier said than done. I feel surges of excitement pulsing thru me. I'm motivated. To do what? I'm not quite sure but I'm gonna get something done. Something.

Today I'm out and about running errands and tomorrow I will lock myself in the house to do a project or two. And maybe start the baby's room. And maybe bake. And I may or may not have a Christmas movie to watch. I can't wait.

What's on your agenda for the next couple days?


  1. Well now that you've mentioned Christmas movies I'm going to have to watch some! HMPH! Although maybe I'll start with Halloween. I do enjoy Hocus Pocus... And I did just get a new recipe for pumpkin spice pecan muffins. I should also clean the house for when the boyfriend comes back into town.. Maybe I'll just watch Christmas movies instead of doing anything else. That sounds nice. Talk about a jumble of a comment!

  2. I plan to get some cupboards organized and some photos. My hubby is rewiring our home so I need to be around the house in case he needs some assistance.

  3. Please, come here and inspire me with your motivation! Lord, I need some. LOVE the addition of jumping to your spontaneous clapping!

    Our plans... avoid rain! Today I failed, but there's always tomorrow! xxx

  4. I am in the mood for fall and the holidays, too! They will be here before we know it. And first holidays with Peanut will be sooo memorable!

  5. Lots of nesting happening around here, too! Only it flat wears me out. ;) We plan on just chillin' this week, finally got a couch after being 3 months without one, so perhaps I'll sit on it and caress it's soft leather...
    JUST KIDDING. I wish I had time to sit and caress leather. I want to bake, too, but my hips are telling me otherwise. Darn hips. Have fun! You should definitely watch the Christmas movie...

  6. Oh my friend, Tolkien in never jibberish! That happens to be one of my fav quotes. And I can well relate to this post. Right about this time of the year I start getting my Fall "burst of energy" which then promptly dies on Jan 1.

  7. Oh you are cute. Looks like the energy has come and nesting is settling in. You are going to have so much fun with that little one. It's gonna be fun to watch;) I am busy fluffing my nest this week. Lissa from Humble Pie is coming for a visit. I can't wait to show her my piece of the world!

  8. I want to see the pillow!!! And you should totally watch Elf. I just watched it, but then I watch about once a month. I can't help myself.

    Pregolicious nester!!

  9. I love that you're going to watch a Christmas movie! What a great idea, I may just have to get one of mine out, too.

    I'm gearing up to get my kids back in school. This is our last week of summer vacation. Yippee!

    Can't wait to see Peanut's room;)

  10. I think its super cute you are questing for things to get complete. Perhaps its because you realize that once peanut is here those things won't get done. Enjoy your time and relish every single day.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. I work all day at the office, then I go home and take care of 4 kids (temp), cook dinner, clean house and I don't get off "work" until all the kids are tucked in bed. Oh wait I do get to get off early at my office job tomorrow so I can take my 2 kids to their well child checks at the pediatrician. Plus I have some yummy dinner's planned for this week. I know this sounds lame but Im super excited. :)
    Wow! Can we trade? j/k I love every moment of it, just wish I had one fulltime job to be home with my kids. Enjoy your freetime sweetie!

  12. I love that you have energy and are going a mile a minute! I wanna see that pillow! I bet it's awesome.


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