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Thursday, April 19, 2012

#15 & 16 / 52 Food Adventures: Homemade Ranch & Parsnip Muffins


Playing catch up with our food adventures today.

We've done homemade ranch and parsnip muffins... although not together.

Actually I'm convinced that Peanut would eat anything with this dressing on it.
It gets to the point that he just wants the dressing and is sucking it off of his food.


I used THIS dressing by Baked Bree with a few adjustments.  I accidentally used cilantro instead of parsley.  I just grabbed it from our CSA and didn't pay much attention.  

Also, I suggest starting with half of the buttermilk.  I thought it was too thin and ended up adding more of everything else.  I used half the amount of dill and a bit more garlic.
This is all more because I didn't pay attention to my measurements.

So here's the verdict.  This dressing is absolutely fantabulous.  Everyone loved it.
I'll definitely be making it again.

BUT I'm willing to admit that nothing will ever compare to Hidden Valley.
This dressing is phenomenal and probably better than traditional ranch but nothing is really comparable to Hidden Valley.  This dressing is also much healthier than Hidden Valley so I feel much for comfortable drenching my food in it.


This week we tried Parsnip Muffins because it came as a suggestion from our CSA and I found Alton Brown's recipe.


They seemed to waver between sweet and savory.  Sort of ambiguous.
I think we need to add either something like raisins or something like bacon.
Apple would be great too.

I think this has really great potential though and I plan on working out the kinks.

What have you tried lately?


  1. I would like you to keep up the good work you know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.

  2. Little Peanut looks like, "Got Milk?". Adorable as usual . . .

  3. My latest obsession is homemade Green Goddess Dressing. I'm trying to get all the kinks out before I post it!

  4. That smile!! Oh my gosh, I could eat him up!

  5. Ooh, thanks for this link! I LOVE ranch dressing and so do my kids, but it has MSG in it and MSG is BAD! :) Can't wait to make this!


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