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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches, Orange

I keep a bookmark on my computer of all the restaurants that we want to try.
There are a lot of them.

Bruxie just kept coming up, over and over again, so we had to head over there today.

Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches?


It's located catty corner to Chapman University, just outside the circle in Old Towne Orange.

When we first got there it was packed, which is always a good sign.

Picnik collage

So, about these waffle sandwiches...
the waffles themselves are different than your standard waffle.

These are thinner, lighter and perhaps a bit crisper. 
They aren't sweet and all these qualities combined make it perfect for a sandwich.

Folded inside each one are a variety of fillings.

Their menu includes options like prosciutto & gruyere, smoked salmon & dill cream cheese,
s'mores, lemon cream & berries, red bean & sweet cream and of course, fried chicken.

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B got one of the daily/seasonal specials, the Short Rib.

It came with a 2 waffle fries, a bit of blue cheese and some kind of gravy.

So good.  So much meat.  So filling.

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I ordered their Roasted Mushroom & Goat Cheese.

Inside there was the most delicious basil and goat cheese spread, arugula and a balsamic reduction.
I added the sun-dried tomatoes and the sandwich was perfection.

There was just so much flavor in this sandwich.

The waffle was perfectly light and crispy but the highlight is definitely the filling.

This is the kind of sandwich every vegetarian dreams of.

Picnik collage

Yes, they also have regular waffles.

Oh and shakes.  B had the mint chocolate shake.  
Their shakes are on the thin side but B loved it.

He drank that and he drank my Dark Cherry Soda.

I always want soda and then I have a sip and my craving is over.

Peanut had a great time during lunch marveling & playing in the misters above our table.

So.... if you're looking for a great sandwich or a great waffle or both, go to Bruxie's!

And give me a call so I can meet you there.

I want to try the rest of their waffles and some of their floats.
And their sundaes.
And their frozen custard.


  1. So is the stuff that looks like smoke the misters? What are they for? This sounds so delicious, would the waffles taste anything like Yorkshire pudding or are they denser than that?

  2. Did I read this correctly??? You didn't have a sweet waffle? We need to go. Now. I'm always down for Bruxie. always.

    I took my dad there this past Sunday, after he complained about me dragging him out of the house, and complained about the line and the wait and lack of tables, he loved it. We got bruxie burgers which are my fav hands down. And a lemon cream and berry to split. So good. But then I've had almost everything on the regular menu and I love it all...Sooooo when can we go?

  3. The next time you go, CALL ME! The last time I went I had Green Eggs and Ham. The green was pesto and I nearly cried when it was all gone. I want to try one of the nutella waffles, too. I'm in loooove with Bruxie.

  4. Waffle sandwiches...really? Once again you leave me shaking my head. I live a sheltered life..sigh.

    : )

  5. It all looks totally delicious!

  6. Holy cow, waffle sandwiches?! That looks so good. I want one right this second.


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